Daily Prompt: Disappear

A storm is brewing

The day started so well and now the sun has disappeared. I was reading the news on my iPad with the weather report saying where would be rain and thunder and even hailstones later in the day, a real end of  the world mood. I decided that later in the day meant evening and it is now the beginning of the afternoon.

I was still drifting in my lunchtime sleep when there was a ring at the doorbell. I dragged myself up during which time it rang twice more. This must be an emergency, The postman always  rings twice, but three times? I groped my way to the door still drunk with sleep and Mr. Swiss appeared. He was in the back garden and only just heard the doorbell. I gave up and went back to bed to recover from the disurbance. Mr. Swiss went to the door and there was no-one there. Whoever it was had disappeared.

It was still good weather and I decided to go places with my camera. As I was getting ready it rang again at the door, but this time Mr. Swiss was there and ready. Two small boys were at the main entrance wanting to see the school colleague that lives upstairs. We were annoyed and did not let them in as their friend upstairs was not there.

I was now ready to go places when there was a noise outside, a warning, a clap of thunder. I looked up and saw the black and grey clouds approaching. The blue was disappearing slowly but surely. I changed back to my normal housewife daily clothes, and gave up. I am now sitting outside on the porch listening to the first hesitant rain drops. In the meanwhile they are no longer hesitant but threatening.

Daily Prompt: Disappear

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Disappear

  1. I hate when people don’t leave you enough time to actually GET to the door. This is a pretty big house and I move slowly, so when FedEx for some reason decides to ring, by the time I limp to the door, they are usually pulling out of the driveway. Why bother ringing at all? Just leave the package!

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  2. I hate to have unexpected people call at the door and am always grumpy since I expect them not to be patient and then invariably to have the wrong house anyhow. More than one ring at the bell and I am double or triple grumpy, even if it were someone delivering tons of money as a gift.

    We too have rain to day that started as almost-rain and has now graduated successfully to rain. There is no thunder or anything though–we had that last week.

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    • We can look through the peep hole in the door to see who is there, but no-one enters the building unless we press the button to let them in. We also have an intercom and can talk to the people outside the building before we let them in. I just have a problem as I am not very good at walking, and have to get my stick or walker ready before I even get to the door.
      Our rain was a summer thundershower and after an hour it stopped so I took a chance and went for a wheelie in my chair. We now have sunny skies with wonderful clouds, but on my way home I heard a rumble of thunder in the distance, so the storm will be back.

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      • We are just having steady rain now. Last week there was a thunder storm that had 1,000 lightning strikes recorded in an hour. We only had thunder that shook the two-story house and heavy rain, maybe some hail. We were spared all that lightning, fortunately.

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