Daily Prompt: Famous

cemetry with me

I found one of my old photos in the day when I played with photo shop: my cat Nera on the left.

Me famous, forget it. We eventually all return to were we came from and what happens in between might or might not leave a mark on the world. A strange thought came to me today. It is wonderful weather and the sun is  shining so what could possibly go wrong?

Scientists tell us that one day the sun will no longer shine. It will be a dark star, a burn out, a black hole in the sky. I think the great Steven Hawkins got quite near to the truth of the matter. On the other hand I just read in knowledgeable wikipedia that “A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it”, so perhaps the whole finishing of the sun is not so bad.

Nothing can escape from inside it, so we might still be living our lives, carrying on as usual and not noticing that we are just a dark side of the sun. Of course we will no longer be writing The Daily Prompt, because that will no longer exist from 31st May 2018 for those that have not yet read the news. All those famous people will remain famous, and people like me who never became famous will not be forgotten, because we were never really remembered.

I now have the reputation locally of being the lady in the wheelchair with the camera touring around places in her village. Perhaps when The Daily Prompt is eventually killed, assassinated, dissolved or sent to the land of the forgotten blogs, a tiny fragment of an angloswiss blog might escape from the dark sun and there will be a plaque somewhere  “The Last Blogger angloswiss-chronicles.com, may her blogs be never forgotten”.

And now I have better things to do like eating my evening meal. Mr. Swiss has again baked one of his famous apple flans.

Daily Prompt: Famous

Good Morning


Not a very special welcome to the day. Yesterday evening I was sitting on the porch after the evening meal and I could hear the distant sound of rumbling in the hills. The sun disappeared and we got a strange sky that was predicting the end of the world. I was still uploading my 50 photos I took on a wheelie in my chair in the afternoon and was not going to switch off the computer and go inside until I was finished. Luckily it did not rain, although as I was approaching the end of my computer work, I was getting a few flashes from the sky. I was even getting a bit nervous: could I finish in time or not. Eventually I was on the computer closing down stage and was glad. I shot a couple of photos of the now strange yellow tinge in the sky and retired to the indoor world. I then closed the blinds, it was was already 9.00 p.m., to make sure my windows did not get a rain wash.

This morning we still have clouds, although the sun has suddenly appeared and it did not rain through the night, not one bit. It was all a false alarm it seems.

I was going to stay at home yesterday afternoon, but decided it would be better to take a trip somewhere. The sun appeared and enhanced my wheelchair sun tan on my arms and back of the neck. I decided to go a little further afield to the high school houses which have a few interesting placed for photos and then I saw this.

Stork 26.05 (3)

I noticed some time ago there was a stork on the top of this pillar,  but I could only see the head and really thought it was some sort of ornament. Now it was standing and there was the head of a baby stork next to it. I watched the stork for some time. It kept bending its head into the nest and was probably showing some motherly love.

Stork 26.05 (1)

We have a stork colony in a village along the Aar. It was founded by a high school teacher and there were many nests there. The teacher passed away as an old man and it was decided to let the storks fly. The colony is still there and the storks are often found with their nests on the roofs of the village, but many now find a place in the area, some near our village. You often see them as you drive along the road perched on the lamp posts. Now they have erected some places where they  can nest, as this photo shows which is in the grounds of the high school.

I had another suprise when I walked past the stables. At the side of the stables they have ground where there are about 200 chickens and also a pond to harbour 2 black swans and some mandarin ducks. There are also 6 geese to complete the picture. And what did I see yesterday.

Ibex 26.05 (5)

Yes they now have a goat, actually two. I assumed that it is a pair and asked Mr. Swiss if the females also have horns. He said he does not know and told me to google it. I thought I was married to a Swiss that grew up in the wilds of nature, but it seems you have to Google it. I saw two of these goats at the stables, but they both had horns so it is probably not a pair and there will be no baby goats. For a Brit like me growing up in the wilds of East London, where the only animals you saw were pigeons and a few cats and dogs, this is still a big deal for me.  I can add goats to my photo collection.

We have now 4 days to go to the end of the Daily Promot Show and I am still debating what to do afterwards. I mean I do not have to do anything. Some will try to start something new where we can join in. I am not sure what to do, but might extend my Good Morning to Good Afternoon, perhaps even a Good Evening, although evenings I prefer to do other things like photo uploading, challenges and reading.

Today is Sunday so nothing to do. If the weather stays with me I might be away this afternoon, but it could become a rainy day. I now have some red cabbage to start cooking and otherwise the lazy life of a housewife keeping herself occupied with things to do. I think there is something to iron, a good exercise therapy for balance at the ironing  board. Mr. Swiss is busy searching for something that he cannot remember where he put it – a golden oldie pastime.

Keep safe, protect your computers from hackers, cups of coffee and crumbs from the sandwiches you eat whilst working on them. See you around on the flip side.

Flowers 26.05.2018