Photo Challenge: Liquid

Rain 16.05 (6)

It is a funny coincidence sometimes. Since the beginning of the week we have only had rain. My only opportunity to get out and take photos is in the good weather, as I can only go long distances in my wheelchair with the camera. However, trips to the supermarket by car are always possible and I take my photos from the car (with Mr. Swiss driving of course). How can you take photos when it is raining. I found the solution. You take your photos of the rain and how it changes the surroundings, the reflections of the headlights in the water on the ground, the imprints of the rain drops as they fall. After a month of no rain, I am making the most of it.

Photo Challenge: Liquid

Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Market scene in the souks

I was once in Marrakesh in Morocco. It just happened. The company where Mr. Swiss worked organised a few days each year to go somewhere special and this year it was Marrakesh. I was a working woman myself, but did not want to miss then chance and took time off.

I had traveled a bit in my life, but never been on the continent of Africa, so this was my big chance. I noticed that daily life for a Moroccan housewife was a bit different to my organised shopping. Supermarket, perhaps, but I did not find one. We wandered around the “souks” which seemed to be the general market place. Fresh meat hanging in the hot sun at tropical temperatures would probably not get through our laws of hygiene, but everyone seemed to survive. Note the guy in front of the shop with his bike, motor still running of course.

I saw one shop with a  big fish. Marrakesh has no coast, so I have no idea where the fish came from and you could not really see this big fish, just its shape, because it was covered in flies.

I loved my visit to this country that was really something completely different. Changing planes in Casablanca and seeing Moroccans mounted on wonderful horses in their Arabian nights dress with flowing robes, and I think they were soldiers.  4 days I will never forget.

Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Photo Challenge: Prolific

Black Swans and Chicks 18.04 (6)

The population of our little swiss village is about 900 humans, and just as many cows, hens and ducks, as well as a few horses. The swan population has now been increased and the new arrivals, a pair of black swans, have chicks. Here you can see mummy swan going for a walk with her babies under the watchful eye of a few chickens, including the rooster.  Daddy swan is near keeping an eye on the situation.

Photo Challenge: Prolific

Photo Challenge: Smile

Renovation 14.07 (3)

A year ago the builders moved in where we live. They renovated everything on the outside of the building. We got new insulation, new blinds, new coats of paint, new everything. I saw the builders every day, I got to know them and they got to know me armed with my camera. I was taking photos everywhere, they would see me coming and even strike a special post. Eventually I had more than one thousand photos. There are always those photos that you never forget.

One day something had to be repaired and a new layer of concrete was necessary. This was a difficult job as it was deep down, but our builders had a solution for everything, and this was a photo I took that really put a smile on my face. The builder survived.

Photo Challege: Smile

Photo Challenge: Favourite Place

River Aar 16.10 (3)

I am lucky to live in my favourite place. I do not need to catch a plane, train or boat: just a few minutes walk from where I live are the banks of the River Aar in Switzerland and the river runs through it all. We have ducks and swans and beautiful landscapes. In the other direction up the hill, is a castle with a background of the Jura mountains. What could be better?

Castle Waldegg 12.02.2017

Photo Challenge: Favourite Place

Photo Challenge: I’d rather be

The till in the supermarket 23.12.2007

I’d rather be able to go shopping again in a supermarket. I broke my leg at the end of January and since then have to rely on others, mainly Mr. Swiss and my son, for shopping. I am not complaining, they do their best. It might be the nightmare of most housewives, but I have discovered that organising others to do it, is not the same. You cannot choose, but it is chosen for you.

I am missing the daily search for the goods I want, choosing the meat being offered, deciding what today’s vegetable should be and discovering the bits and pieces of daily life. There is the social side of it as well. I have discovered something about myself that I did not realise existed. I need the social contact with others, even if is only a supermarket and all because I broke my leg. Only a few weeks (I hope) and I will be moving again, even if it is with the hated walker.

Photo Challenge: I’d rather be