Photo Challenge: I’d rather be

The till in the supermarket 23.12.2007

I’d rather be able to go shopping again in a supermarket. I broke my leg at the end of January and since then have to rely on others, mainly Mr. Swiss and my son, for shopping. I am not complaining, they do their best. It might be the nightmare of most housewives, but I have discovered that organising others to do it, is not the same. You cannot choose, but it is chosen for you.

I am missing the daily search for the goods I want, choosing the meat being offered, deciding what today’s vegetable should be and discovering the bits and pieces of daily life. There is the social side of it as well. I have discovered something about myself that I did not realise existed. I need the social contact with others, even if is only a supermarket and all because I broke my leg. Only a few weeks (I hope) and I will be moving again, even if it is with the hated walker.

Photo Challenge: I’d rather be

Photo Challenge: Out of This World

Road to Niederbipp

Many of my photos are out of this world. I am always on a search for something completely different. This time I was travelling, I was in my world of fantasy. There was a crane, I love cranes. But there were wires hanging over the crane, and then I saw the backdrop:  ghosts of mountains shrouded in a yellow haze left by the sun as it was departing for another sunrise somewhere. Was I still in my real world, or was I transcending to the next dimension?  I am still here to tell the story and that is the important thing.

Photo Challenge: Out of This World

Photo Challenge: Sweet

Valentine cake

This Valentine’s Day cake is now 4 years old. It is amazing what you find in your archives when you search. I do not even remember buying the cake and I also am sure I did not eat it. I am more into whipped cream and fruit than dry cake mixtures. Someone had a touch of romance and bought it. I suspect Mr. Swiss, as it is more his sort of thing and it is the though that counts.

After 50 years of marriage, who needs a cake. We are both sweet enough.

Photo Challenge: Sweet

Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Cow 27.09.2017

I am not showing photos of wonderful pastures filled with cows, meadows with every sort of wild flower you can think of, not to mention the local river with its population of swans and ducks. And let us not forget the local stables with it horse population.

I live in the country after growing up in the slums of London, where the scent of wet brick dust  was permanently in the air. I now live where the cows and hedgehogs say goodnight to each other.

My neighbours are from nature, they run free in pastures. Now and again they leave a trace to show I have been here and done it, but who cares. Even that belongs to life in the country: and the flies?. They build their villages in what the cows left behind, all part of nature’s cicle of life.

Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

Ducks 21.01 (3)

“Hey sister, help me get that feather out of my beak.”

“”I don’t have time for trivialities, I am talking to the boys.”

“And what about me. They have ignored me. I want to talk to the boys as well.”

“They are not interested. They said you look silly with a feather stuck to your beak.”

“Of course I do, but the darned thing won’t go away. What are you quacking with those boy ducks.”

“None of your business, its egg talk.*

“It’s always egg talk with them. They only have eggs in mind. Now if I could only get rid of this stupid feather.”

Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme