Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Market scene in the souks

I was once in Marrakesh in Morocco. It just happened. The company where Mr. Swiss worked organised a few days each year to go somewhere special and this year it was Marrakesh. I was a working woman myself, but did not want to miss then chance and took time off.

I had traveled a bit in my life, but never been on the continent of Africa, so this was my big chance. I noticed that daily life for a Moroccan housewife was a bit different to my organised shopping. Supermarket, perhaps, but I did not find one. We wandered around the “souks” which seemed to be the general market place. Fresh meat hanging in the hot sun at tropical temperatures would probably not get through our laws of hygiene, but everyone seemed to survive. Note the guy in front of the shop with his bike, motor still running of course.

I saw one shop with a  big fish. Marrakesh has no coast, so I have no idea where the fish came from and you could not really see this big fish, just its shape, because it was covered in flies.

I loved my visit to this country that was really something completely different. Changing planes in Casablanca and seeing Moroccans mounted on wonderful horses in their Arabian nights dress with flowing robes, and I think they were soldiers.  4 days I will never forget.

Photo Challenge: Unlikely

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Unlikely

  1. When I first got to Israel it was like that, but it changed and by the time I left, it was all supermarkets and clean shops. I loved the outdoor markets, but I was also a bit dubious about the cleanliness of some of the products.

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