Daily Prompt: Abrupt


Things can be sudden although not really unexpected. You may remember, those that read my escapades, that last year from April until November we were under siege from builders with scaffolding new insulation, dirt, concrete, dust and all the trimmings. It will probably be another 20 years until this happens again to our building, and then I will be 90 years old – so no comment.

However, today I awoke from my midday sleep and Mr. Swiss tells me the builders have arrived on our neighbouring block. We were told that this building was also now ready for a refurbishing and so we can look on with interest. Apparently it will not be stripped to the bare bricks as our building, but more a gentle overhaul, renewing the outside with a fresh coat of whatever they coat it with.

I decided to go for a wheelie this afternoon and now I was determined and planned my route to pass the neighbouring building. I shot many photos and in the space of a few hours the complete building was encased in scaffolding. Oh what fun the inhabitants of this this building can look forward to. As I wheeled past, the chief builder exchanged a few words with me and I took a few photos of various workers on the scaffolding. One even waved to me, yes it is a complete déjà vue for me and my camera and I will definitely meet new members of the building tribe. The platforms are placed strategically and now the inhabitants of the block can also share their breakfast hours with the builders as I did for many months. I even had to wear a dressing gown over my nightdress in the morning.

This will be fun, I am sure there will be more photos to follow.

Daily Prompt: Abrupt