Daily Prompt: All a matter of interpretation

Shoes in Marks and Spencers

There was a time when I would have liked to have been a dedicated follower of fashion, but those days have now gone. I dressed in every impossible garment just to be in with the others. High heels and a short tight skirt were not very practical to jump on the London busses, but I even managed that one: practice makes perfect.

Today I am so glad that sneakers have become modern. They are so comfortable, flat and you can order them online, over your computer. Why bother to go through the stress of shopping when you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Our local market town only really lives on market days, otherwise one shop after the other is closing because no-one visits them. You can choose your needs on a web site. My favourite clothing shop in town closed a year ago, but luckily I had enough in reserve and who looks at a golden oldie with a stick. You melt into the crowd. Invitations to weddings are few and far between, funerals are more common. I have enough black  if the occasion arises.

I am now into christenings, but they are not an every day occurence and you always have a few months to decide what to wear.


There must be something where I can impress everyone, keep up with the times and show that I am not left on the shelf. Of course, I have become a cyber golden oldie. Armed with my smartphone, my computers(s), iPads and Kindle, what could possibly go wrong.

When your Windows 7 suddenly becomes a Windows 10, you think about it. Of course there was an 8 in between and the 9 never existed which saved time and effort to be on the newest step in the ladder. In the meawhile I had got myself an Apple computer (as an extra), you never know. Now I have a choice. I know it is all a question of money, but you cannot take it with you, and I am sure my grandchildren will be pleased one day when my time comes. Although I am not really planning on going anywhere at the moment, so it could be that the Windows 10 wil already be out of date and the Windows 15 will be on the horizon.

The telephones are developing faster than I can use them. I remember in the good old days when I was proud to have a Panasonic in the hand and Mr. Swiss  could call me whilst I was shopping or working. He also had one of these devices and we were continuously in touch. I still have mine somewhere in a box in the cellar, gathering dust and who knows, perhaps value. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss got himself a smartphone. It was all new and I found it an unneccessary luxury. It was an iPhone 3. Eventually he got an iPhone 4 and I got the hand-me-down iPhone 3. The Swiss telephone network realised this and informed me by SMS (of course) that my telephone communications would now cost more. I though about it and on the same day took a trip to the telephone shop in town and organised the new iPhone 4, to the astonishment of Mr. Swiss.

I was now up with the rest of them. Since then I am on the iPhone 6, missing a couple on the way and Mr. Swiss is again ahead of me. Now it is time for the iPhone 8 the newest birth in Silicon Valley. Just a minute the iPhone 10 (X) will be arriving in a month. I am modern, I am a cyber golden oldie and must keep up with the rest. Do I have the 1,300 Swiss Francs for this new development. I am not sure, but look how everyone will umm and aah when thy see this golden oldie pull out her iPhone X in the supermarket to read the shopping list. Or will they be laughing knowing it would be more realistic to write the details on paper with a pen.

The problems of being fashionable in today’s world.

Daily Prompt: All a Matter of Interpretation

Good Morning

Morning Mist

It is a misty one this morning, but according to Mr. Swiss it will become the best day of the week with sun and all the trimmings.  At the moment it is pleasantly cool, especially as I have opened the windows at the front and back of the appartment. I like a nice cool breeze in the morning, although others, who will not be mentioned, tend to find it cold. My body has its own built in central heating it seems. Needless to say the windows have now been closed for those that do not like draughts first thing in the morning.

My first work of the day was to upload yet again a new version of the iPad IOS 11. Last week we got 11.01 and now we have 11.02 probably to correct the mistakes made in the first update. It was a quick job on my two iPads and now I only have my iPhone to do, but that was being used for a couple of photos so was still gathering power and not available for an update. Yes the Apple people really keep us on our cyber toes.  I sometimes wish they would not do so much new stuff. I have to keep up with it all and it can be a little exhausting when you reach the age of 70, especially if there are two of us doing the same thing.

Blinds 04.10 (1)

When we returned from our shopping trip yesterday we had a pleasant surprise. Can you see it? No, well it is only for the eyes of the oppressed and victims of the renovation purge. Some time at the end of April we said goodbye to our metal blinds outside. They had to be removed because we were be getting new blinds as part of the big makeover. They are the same as the old blinds, but naturally new and shiny. Now we know why. The new isolation of our building is thicker than the old and all the proportions of the blinds no longer fit. In the meanwhile we had the stripy curtains in the apparment as we never really bothered with curtains. It cost a lot of money, but you cannot take it with you as the proverb says.

Now the blinds are back, not quite, but hanging and the rest will be done today: a wonder has happened. It looks like we are gradually returning to a normal life and the summer of discontent is slowly disappearing into the past. In the meanwhile, just to mention on the side, Mr. Swiss noticed that we also have a lady painter on the job, of course. He regrets that she was not here when our appartment was being painted. I found it a good thing that ladies have equality on a building site, and I supposed they do look different in those white uniforms that painters wear, but for some it could be a distraction I suppose.

In the meanwhle life goes on and today is the day of fresh bed linen, although both Mr. Swiss and I forgot, small golden oldie problem. Mr. Swiss is now doing the job as he found he has nothing better to do and I can continue writing my daily report from the wilds of Feldbrunnen. Although there is nothing really interesting to report. Since the builders have left and only a few painters are here life is no longer the same. Our new and exciting poisonous green sun blind will be delivered today I heard, so looks like there will be excitement.

I must now move one, there is hoovering to do and a few windows to be cleaned. Do not worry, I clean them every two weeks and due to his there is never very much to clean. Enjoy the day, switch off the computer now and again, life is not only blogs and facebook and Twitter, there is a world outside. Although I would add it would be boring if we could not write about it all. A last look at Autumn before I go.

Road to Langendorf 04.10 (1)