Share Your World – October 2, 2017

If you were given the opportunity to ride in a helicopter would go?

Helicopter 18.07 (1)

Been there and done it and never again. If someone had told me that now and again a helicopter does fall into the Hudson River, I would have thought twice. Of course it was great to see Central Park and the Statue of Liberty from above, but did I feel bad as we were landing. Afterwards, everything was fine, but helicopter flights are not my thing. We had to do it, I mean all good tourists take a flight in a helicopter over New York. I even have a few photos to prove it.

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, seafood, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)

I eat them all: a nice juicy piece of meat, fish etc. etc. Why not? my body can take it, so there must be a reason why I can do it. Although I am not so keen on soy, has a sort of cemetery taste.

What would be your preference, awake before dawn, at dawn, or awake before noon?


No preferences. I am glad when I can sleep with no great interruptions and as a golden oldie I have a regular sleep after lunch and now and again a five minute rest in between which is a great help due to my MS problems.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Our builders are on the last part of their work and I can see an end to the ordeal we have had to face since April. Not yet finished, but they are adding the last coats of paint. The week ran smoothly, no big problems and we are both still alive and kicking more or less. What could possibly go wrong?

Share Your World – October 2, 2017