Daily Prompt: With my head in the clouds


My little parcel  arrived today. It was quite small and Mr. Swiss was again thinking what is her newest idea. I was in the throws of cooking lunch and really did not have time to rip open my parcel to see what goodies it contained. I like to do these things with care.

I am now a full member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I was thinking about it for some time. I take so many cloud photos but I always like to know more. Why do our clouds arrive in different shapes and sizes, how high is a cloud, and what are they made of? I discovered the web site some time ago, and ordered a book about clouds written by the guy who runs the site.

At first I was only there for the fun and did not really want to become a fully fledged member. Gradually I was walking around pointing my camera at the sky and mostly holding my head up high. As a golden oldie I did not really want to join the society, although the goodies I would get were interesting. Eventually I took the plunge and today I received a very nice certificate with my name and nembership number and the date I joined.

A Cloud Selector was also included which I found a great help. Instead of now turning pages in my book to see if I was looking at a cumulus, stratocumulus, cirrus etc.  I only had to find the picture on my circular selector and read the name. There is even information on the height of the cloud, a description of what to look for and if you can expect to get rain. If I turn the dial to the reverse side I find a section of “The Other Clouds”. I am becoming a cloud collector. I have approximately 200 photos of clouds and it is growing. My next project is to name them according to their type. It will keep me busy in the Winter evenings..

And of course not to mention the badge showing proudly that I appreciate clouds. Members are all over the world, about 44,000, and I am now one of the 325 Swiss members.

I have had many trademarks  in my past. I was once interested in find where my family came from, but after discovering 980 ancestors and collecting various birth, marriage and death certificates, things got a little boring. I had a complete family tree with dates. I now knew where I came from, was not so sure where I was going.

My trade mark is also carrying a camera of sorts wherever I go, but photos can repeat themselves. Clouds never repeat themselves, they only live for a maximum of 10 minutes usually, so you have to strike whilst the cloud arrives in the sky. And now I just had to pop outside with my camera, I noticed an interesting cloud passing by and did not want to miss it.

Clouds 21.10 (9)

Daily Prompt: With my head in the clouds

Good Morning


It is a good Autumn morning: a light mist, some Autumn colours from our garden and above all no scaffolding to spoil the view. I heard some hammering on the other side of our appartment and the builder, who only speaks spanish. told me today they remove everything. It is getting colder now and in the mountains it has already begun to snow. I have just noticed that the mist is creeping up on us and almost reached our porch. Perhaps it has noticed that the scaffolding has gone and wants to take over. Stephen King sends his best wishes.

Hostas 22.10 (2)

I noticed that my hostas in the garden are now dying a slow death. It happens every Autumn, and I usually wait until November when the leaves are really totally finished. All I have to do is give a pull and they come away which makes it an easy job to clear the bed. They are a thankful plant, give a good show with some flowers through the summer months, and return regularly every Spring.

I have discovered another new writer, Syd Moore, and am just on the last part of his book “Strange Magic”. Amazon often send me suggestions to read, as they seem to know my taste and the author has written a serie of books with the word “Strange” in the title. I was getting a hint about the second book in the series, but I like to begin at the beginning so traced down the first book. It is a little supernatural, but for me interesting because his books are all based on the english county of Essex which borders the East End of London where I grew up. Most of my relations moved out to Essex when the slums were being demolished in London. My mum and dad moved to Dagenham, which was as close as you could get to London at the time living in Essex andhas now become even a part of greater London.

The books naturally mention many places in Essex I know of. Parts of the county are quite rural and in the olden days, it was a bit of a witchy place. Now and again they burnt a few or disposed of them. This book  is based on a witch museum that exists in Essex. The owner has passed away and his granddaughter has inherited the museum, although she never really had contact to it.  She intended to sell it, but got caught up in events with a witchy influence and the story develops. I do not want to write any spoilers, but I can really reommend it if you like a touch of the strange. It is very well written, quite amusing in places and is not the last book I will read from this author. I would also say, that in spite of the proximity of Essex to London, it is a very attractive county with many small villages and a river runs through it (The Thames) as well as a few smaller streams.

Crows 23.10.2017

And now back to Switzerland, just along the path in my village of Feldbrunnen. I was talking to the neighbour yesterday about the removal of the oppressing scaffolding and noticed in the distance three crows. I happened to have my camera with me and decided on a photo, although they were a distance away. Just at the moment when I took my photo they flew off, but I managed to capture them on their flight.

There is no shopping today, so I will stay at home and play with a few cleaning jobs. This is no problem, life is now good with no scaffolding. Enjoy your day or night wherever you are and beware of builders and such, they could be a threat to your daily living programme, but even that will pass eventually.

Clouds 23.10.2017