JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Leaves


Not all the remains of Autumn are so wonderfully romantic and in brown and red tones, with green remains in between. The dead leaves in my garden resembled the survivors of a battle, the ones that were injured and eventually gave up. They wilted, were torn at the edges and had various strange marks from their fights with the wind and various insects. Eventually my No. 1 son collected them all. The main culprits were my hostas, the largest leaves of all which were reduced to a wilting mess. Luckily they gave up quite easily without a fight. Next Spring the new leaves will appear and survive a summer long until Autumn again arrives with its grim reaper.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Leaves

Share Your World – October 30, 2017

Where do you eat breakfast?


When I leave my bed I head for the kitchen, fire up the computer and prepare my frugal breakfast of two slices of bread and jam accompanied by a cup of tea (without milk or sugar) and I am ready to go. I have two computers, but prefer the big Acer with windows 10 for breakfast. I use the Apple in the afternoon.  The world is then in order and I can act stereo: a slice of bread in the right hand and in between greet everyone with a “Good Morning” on my computer. What could be better. Note I do not need fancy plates or knives and forks. I do the preparation on the kitchen top and kitchen paper serves very well to stop leaving sticky jam patches everywhere.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want have a evening with?

I began a discussion with Mr. Swiss – I decided this would lead nowhere, as we both have different ideas on an enjoyable evening. He is still nursing his injury after I threw a book at him when he said Sharon Stone. I would spend my evening with my Kindle and he would be at my side watching a crimi on the TV. What could be better. Who needs Brad Pitt or George Cloony.

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?


Definitely a triffid – I know the photo is a protea, but it is about the nearest I could get as triffids seems to be camera shy. Triffids are the best of both worlds, plant and animal. They are also planning to take over the world, although some triffids have already infiltrated certain governments but they are the ones that remain more vegetable brained, than human. They were just the prototype.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 


My oldest son is autistic and we visited his boss last week in the factory where he works to see how he is doing. We had a good discussion and things could not be better. He is a good worker. The nice thing about visiting is that the boss has a pet cockatoo. Not just a pet, but where the boss goes, the cockatoo goes as well, usually perched on his shoulder. I took a few photos – so meet Öttu (english Otto), the human cockatoo. He does not actually speak, he just thinks he does.

Share Your World – October 30, 2017

Daily Prompt: Walking around with my head in the fluff

Cloud Books

If you have decided on something new, then do it properly. Do not beat around the bush (or clouds in this case). go to the point. Join The Cloud Appreciation Society and read all about it in two of their publications. The book on the right is a general “know your cloud” book with all the variations and names. I quickly discovered that learning latin at school would have been an advantage knowing the cumulus, nimbostratus, cirrus and all the other various descriptions. Cloud is not just cloud. If you boil water you get a cloud in the kitchen. Its composition is similar to those hanging over our heads, being 100% water drops, but the ones outside have more space to spread and develop and go forth and multiply.

Clouds 18.o07 (1)

If you want it fluffy, then take a look at this one. It was hovering over my village of Feldbrunnen on 18th July, although it is not just one cloud, but a complete tribe.

The Cloud Collectors Handbook is more for the professionals like myself (I will get there one day). On the first page you write your name showing that this book belongs to only you. It is a hardcover book full of wonderful cloud illustrations in colour and you can record your cloud sightings, if you know what you are seeing. You do not upload such books on your Kindle. This is my one exception of smelling a real book and the feel of it. A cloud deserves more than an electronic device.

And so I am now walking around with my head in the clouds and a camera. Unfortunately this can lead to slight accidents if your foot remains in the wrong place: hanging around with the clouds can be a dangerous pasttime, but also a rewarding one.

Clouds 22.09 (5)

I very much like this one, and I think it is called a cirro stratus. I am still not 100% certain of the names of these clouds, but I am getting there. I saw this one of 22nd September hovering over the Jura mountains as we were leaving the village. Am I boring you, yes I know, we cloud people do tend to get over enthusiatic when we begin to talk about our cloud collections.

Fluff used to be what my vacuum cleaner found when doing its work, but now the word has taken on another meaning. I used to take photos of the surroundings and now when Mr. Swiss drives off to the unknown I have my camera ready to follow the clouds along the road. I even now suggest that he parks on the top floor at the supermarket (there are only two floors, groud level and No. 2) because the view from the top is much better for taking cloud photos that are even hovering over the pre alps.

Clouds 21.10 (1)

Sometimes the fluff gets a little confused and does not know which was to go. The life of a cloud is rarely longer than 10 minutes, so you have to be quick and ready for your photo. Is that why Mr. Swiss gets nervous when he sees me aiming at a cloud in the sky, wondering if I will survive? At least the last photo on my camera for the day will be memorable and definitely a cloud.

Daily Prompt: Walking around with my head in the fluff

Good Morning


And this is what you get at 8.00 a.m. when  you are saving daylight time. Instead of the twilight zone we are now in the sunny side of life as it rises in the East. I prefer it, even if the evening get darker quickly. I use to be a summer person, catching its rays whilst laying on a sun bed and making the most of it. Those were the good old days when I was more active and did not feel like something that has to be thawed out every morning.


The sun even reached the block opposite. It seems we will have a pleasant day according to the blue skies. Since being trapped within my own four walls, I no longer have the opportunity to get out and see things with my camera and have to be satisfied with the view in front of my eyes. Every time I take a step outside, I get warnings uttered about being careful.

At least today is a shopping day and they let me out to visit the supermarket. I even enjoy the ride because I see things from the car window. What a life I now lead. It is a bit of a complicated week this week as we again have one of our wonderful religious holidays on Wednesday when the shops are all closed in our Kanton of Solothurn. Of course I could travel to the next Kanton of Bern where they are not catholic, but Swiss reform church, and make the most of the open shops, but I prefer the quiet country life.

Wednesday is All Saints Day meaning that everyone visits their local cemetery in our area. The flower shops will be doing a good trade and the ornaments have been available for some time in the supermarket.

Angel Ornaments

Wednesday is a bad day for me as it is the day I do the midweek shopping and get out. We have had to redesign our week. Today, Monday, is a normal shopping day, but catering for 3-4 days. We have planned our menus that we can buy as much in advance as possible today and Mr. Swiss will get a few bits and pieces tomorrow morning. I will then be confined to the home until Friday. I was not able to go shopping last Friday after my “accident” and will really be glad to get out again today. I think I am getting cabin fever.

Although Tuesday is halloween, we do not celebrate in Switzerland. They are more into “day of the dead” on Wednesday. We have decided on Tuesday afternoon to visit the large store in a near village where they have the various aids for the handicapped to see what they can offer to help me. Up to now I never really thought of myself as being handicapped, and pushed it to one side. However, I am now realising that there is no miracle cure and I should make my life as comfortable as possible.

Living room plants

I will leave you with a view on my indoor plants. Actually the photo was an experiment as I took it with my iPad. The quality is not perfect, but my avocado is showing itself from its best side. In the background there is my second avocado, a Poinsettia from last year, my two amarayllis which are still sheltering in the pots and the remains of  my two orchids.

And now to move on, and do some gymnastics around the home to keep myself fit with the vacuum cleaner. Have a nice beginning to the week everyone.