Daily Prompt: All a matter of interpretation

Shoes in Marks and Spencers

There was a time when I would have liked to have been a dedicated follower of fashion, but those days have now gone. I dressed in every impossible garment just to be in with the others. High heels and a short tight skirt were not very practical to jump on the London busses, but I even managed that one: practice makes perfect.

Today I am so glad that sneakers have become modern. They are so comfortable, flat and you can order them online, over your computer. Why bother to go through the stress of shopping when you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Our local market town only really lives on market days, otherwise one shop after the other is closing because no-one visits them. You can choose your needs on a web site. My favourite clothing shop in town closed a year ago, but luckily I had enough in reserve and who looks at a golden oldie with a stick. You melt into the crowd. Invitations to weddings are few and far between, funerals are more common. I have enough black  if the occasion arises.

I am now into christenings, but they are not an every day occurence and you always have a few months to decide what to wear.


There must be something where I can impress everyone, keep up with the times and show that I am not left on the shelf. Of course, I have become a cyber golden oldie. Armed with my smartphone, my computers(s), iPads and Kindle, what could possibly go wrong.

When your Windows 7 suddenly becomes a Windows 10, you think about it. Of course there was an 8 in between and the 9 never existed which saved time and effort to be on the newest step in the ladder. In the meawhile I had got myself an Apple computer (as an extra), you never know. Now I have a choice. I know it is all a question of money, but you cannot take it with you, and I am sure my grandchildren will be pleased one day when my time comes. Although I am not really planning on going anywhere at the moment, so it could be that the Windows 10 wil already be out of date and the Windows 15 will be on the horizon.

The telephones are developing faster than I can use them. I remember in the good old days when I was proud to have a Panasonic in the hand and Mr. Swiss  could call me whilst I was shopping or working. He also had one of these devices and we were continuously in touch. I still have mine somewhere in a box in the cellar, gathering dust and who knows, perhaps value. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss got himself a smartphone. It was all new and I found it an unneccessary luxury. It was an iPhone 3. Eventually he got an iPhone 4 and I got the hand-me-down iPhone 3. The Swiss telephone network realised this and informed me by SMS (of course) that my telephone communications would now cost more. I though about it and on the same day took a trip to the telephone shop in town and organised the new iPhone 4, to the astonishment of Mr. Swiss.

I was now up with the rest of them. Since then I am on the iPhone 6, missing a couple on the way and Mr. Swiss is again ahead of me. Now it is time for the iPhone 8 the newest birth in Silicon Valley. Just a minute the iPhone 10 (X) will be arriving in a month. I am modern, I am a cyber golden oldie and must keep up with the rest. Do I have the 1,300 Swiss Francs for this new development. I am not sure, but look how everyone will umm and aah when thy see this golden oldie pull out her iPhone X in the supermarket to read the shopping list. Or will they be laughing knowing it would be more realistic to write the details on paper with a pen.

The problems of being fashionable in today’s world.

Daily Prompt: All a Matter of Interpretation

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: All a matter of interpretation

  1. This is the time of year when i can’t afford ANYTHING. Not only did we just to the front door and replace the hot-water heater, but I have to get the septic system pumped out and get the shop to repair our rear breaks. It’s just one thing and another … so a new phone? Especially one that does the same stuff the one we don’t use already does? Nope, I don’t think so. Not this year, anyway.

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    • I am still thinking about it. My one is OK, but it is more than a phone to me. I use it for so much, and since my handwriting has now become almost non-existent it is useful for making important notes and my appointments. At the moment no rush, we also do not know what is ahead of us. We never know what brilliant ideas our wonderful commune might get.


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