Daily Prompt: I will overcome


There are some things that you succumb to because basically you have no choice. I did not invite MS, it just sort of arrived. So what, it could be worse. I did not even notice that it was arriving. You get all sorts of twinges in your body, especially as you grow older, so what. Rising from a chair is one of the easiest things to do, just give yourself a push and you are standing, although perhaps you do not make it the first time. Getting out of bed? Just a sign of getting older, but you can do it. Falling down and not being able to stand again under your own power? I never was the fittest.

And so it all goes on, until one day your get a diagnosis. MS, no problem, a modern complaint. I get a walking stick, then make sure it looks good. It is after all only physical. I can still write blogs  and use the computer, cook the meals and even do the housework. I will not give up. And how is your head? No, I do not have headaches, I never really did. Of course I need glasses, but that does not mean that you suffer from MS, it means you are short sighted, or long sighted, or perhaps any sort of sighted. I can read books, I like reading: perhaps not books, but more upload them onto the Kindle.

I go for walks. How dare my MS keep me at home. I look good with my new snazzy cane and providing my walks do not take me far and only last half an hour, then I can do it. Walking is boring in any case. Just putting one foot after the other and walking on, even if the left foot does turn at an angle of 45° – ministry of silly walks? OK, perhaps one foot after the other not in a straight line, but I will not succumb. I take photos on my walks to break the boredom. Anything that comes into the range of my lens is embedded on the camera.

Sometimes I seem to be regarded as an exotic. Perhaps I should change my outside cane for something more conservative, more fitting to my age, but I will not succumb. I am me and my stick is me. Now and again you check in Internet, of all places, to see what could possibly happen. Stick, walking frame, wheelchair, electric mobile. Anything could happen. Just do not succumb, keep fighting and above all do what you want to do. Today I took a walk to the garbage container at the end of the path with a bag of light weight stuff, without my cane: I wanted to see if I can still do it. Of course I can, no problem, although compared to a year ago, no longer like it used to be and I had to stop now and again.

We all get old, sometimes this way and sometimes a different way. Thank goodness for modern electronic stuff like smartphones that fit in your pocket. you can write your shopping list on it because you tend to forget more and the hands no longer want to write. You can fit all your doctor appointment on the smartphone. It even gives you a signal to warn you that today is the day. MS, forget it, carry on as usual. I am suppose to get depressed. Me, depressed, I do not have time to get depressed, I have a blog to write.

Daisies 12.10.2017

Daily Prompt: I will overcome

Good Morning


I am hoping that this will be one of the last photos I will be posting here looking through the scaffolding, although next week it will still be here, but the week after next who knows? We are told many stories and one of them is about the scaffolding being dismantled the week after next. We were also told that our blind winders would be installed yesterday, but no deal. We got a telephone recorded message to say there was not enough time and it will be done on Monday. On Monday morning we are away for an hour or so shopping, so who knows. I no longer really care. The blind story is becoming a story without an end. Half of the appartments have them in working order and the other half are still waiting.

The weather suits the situation, everything misty and not clear.

I was looking for something in the cellar yesterday and had a bit of a shock. Some time ago it was an organised cellar and I knew what we had and where we had it. I did not find what I was looking for, but I discovered that my motto for living every week, or every two weeks, as if you were moving, had been forgotton. I discoverd two large pieces of styrofoam packing material, and cannot even remember what was packed in it. I love those large pieces that you cannot break up into smaller pieces for the trash bag, so it looks like I will be busy with a sharp knife today. I also discovered a large piece of packing material belonging to something we no long have. Am I becoming a hoarder?

I moved onto our hobby room, but I should have left it. The hobby room is now mainly a place for objects belonging to the outside porch: a large table taking up all the room. At the back of the table is a settee and in the corner we have some boxes which are reproducing themselves. All in all it was a depressing site and it would have been better to have ignored it all.

Today I am going nowhere and not doing very much out of the ordinary, so I will have time to go back to the “moving every week” state of affairs, I hope.


I saw some interesting plants in the store yesterday. They were another variety of calla in a new colour: black. They would be ideal for a funeral or for a bouquet of cut flowers for your favourite enemy. Perhaps I might treat myself to a bunch to brighten the place up a bit.

And now time for a walkabout with the Dyson. It is hungry for dust and I want to get it behind me, I have a sawing session with some neglected styrofoam. Enjoy the week-end, I know I will, although golden oldies have week-ends every day.

Road to Langendorf 13.10 (9)