Flower of the Day: 24.07.2017 Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

The first time I saw these in the flower store, I had to wonder what they were. According to the name they are known as Kangaroo paw, so I suppose there must be a similarity somewhere. In any case something completely different, and they are still selling them.

Flower of the Day: 24.07.2017 Kangaroo Paw

Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea 02.06.2017

This time they are from my garden. I decided to have some everlasting sweet pea in the garden many years ago to brighten up the hedge. And they grew and grew and spread their seeds and now they are here to stay. They even spread to the wild flower meadow opposite and seem to be planning to take over. However, they are a pretty flower and they also disappear during the Winter, only to return with a vengence in Spring again.

Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea