JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

Dog 27.11.2016

“That is not a werewolf.”

“Of course it is, look at the way he is sniffing for a victim.”

“Werewolves are not white, they are ….. another colour.”

“Never hear of an albino werewolf? Werewolves are not exception.”

“But the sun is shining and genuine werewolves only appear on full moon nights.”

“That is the difference between you normal average werewolf and and albino werewolf, they come out when the sun shines.”

“And what about the blood soaked long teeth?”

“Are you really so stupid? Everyone knows that albino werewolves only drink milk.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

Flower of the Day: 27.10.2017 Turmeric


I never thought of turmeric having a flower as I only knew the spice used in Indian food. The roots are similar to ginger and if you let them grow a flower appears. They were selling them for some time in the store, so I decided to buy one. It produced a few flowers and I still have the plant, but now just a few leaves. The Summer has now gone, but I will keep it to discover if anything happens next year.

Flower of the Day: 27.10.2017 Turmeric

Daily Prompt: Let’s go orange

Shopping carts in Migros, Langendorf

Orange is the colour of the season it seems. We have orange leaves on the trees, orange pumpkins and at my supermarket orange trolleys. A few years ago the supermaket was not orange. The sales ladies were dressed in the norml daily overalls, nothing special and it was so long ago I cannot remember the colour, but now they are orange.

Everything is orange in the supermarket even the entrance sign.

Entrance opening day, Migros Langendorf

Of course on a special day the welcome sign is garnished with balloons, mostly in orange or course. I am sure this is something psychological. Perhaps there is a magic power behind the colour orange that forces you to spend twice as much. I know most of the personnel that work there, after visiting for more than 10 years. They also know me and they greet quite friendly if I happen to see them on their day off. I have to study who it is first of all, because I do not recognise them when they are not wearing orange.

Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

I noticed on Saturday they are allowed to wear another colour now and again, and if there are colder temperatures that have a black light jacket to wear, as a good contrast to the orange. My son worked in this store on Saturdays and holidays when he was studying at the university in Bern. He was also given an orange overall.

Christmas in Migros, LangendorfEven their annual Christmas Tree is dressed in orange, although this is last year’s tree. Perhaps they might do something a little different this year to break the monotony and decorate the tree with pumpkins or tangerines.

Not that I have a problem with orange. At least they painted our renovated building green, although green is also not one of my favourites. If they had selected orange I would have had people arriving with shopping trolleys wanting to buy the products.  I often wonder how this colour was decided upon. Did the owner of the supermarket once have an orange dream or perhaps it happens to be his favourite colour and he wears orange pyjamas – who knows.

We make the journey to the supermarket at least three times a week for the food. It is the most reasonable in Switzerland and is in every town or large village. As its name begins with an “M”, there is “M”, “MM” and even “MMM” according to their size. We shop in an “MMM” which sells just about everything from underpants to food and no, the underwear is not expressly in orange.

On the way to the supermarket this guy was directing the traffice on the main road because of a building site. Was it a coincidence that he was also wearing orange?

Road to Langendorf 20.09 (3)

Daily Prompt: Let’s go orange

Good Morning


At last a normal sunrise without a grey sky and a scaffolding in between. My first look at the outside world in the morning is to see what the sky is doing and this morning was a reward. This is a view towards South and the sun rises in the East so it was a good reflection. There is also now an advantage that yesterday was the day when the last iron bars and clamps were removed and everyone now has a clear view. I usually have an iron silhouette on the left of my photos, but it has gone forevever and my world is back to how it should be.

Son No. 2 paid us a visit yesterday evening and so we caught up on the progress of baby Alexander, my grandson. He is doing well and there is a new routine in the home of my son of course. No. photos as it is not an internet baby. Internet babies have become the fashion. There are babies I have seen in Facebook, a photo a day. They grow and the facebookers watch. Of course there are the regulars that like and say how lovely, but I find there is a sphere of privacy that should be observed.

New Blind

And here is my new sunblind, nice and green. I am not a follower of green, but we now live in green, the outside walls are painted green. Our old sunblind had grey and white stripes which was OK with me. This blind reminds me of DDR circumstances. The old communist regime in East Germany where everyone got the same, unless, of course, they were party prominence who always got something better. As I only really look at the blind from the inside, I can live with it. The cost of the complete renovation we know, it was agreed upon and it is not the renovation of the Statue of Liberty, so we can live with it. However this blind monster is not included, and neither are our new metal blinds, which will be paid for separately. We know the cost of the metal blinds, but this green DDR monster is the renovation mystery or perhaps shock.


I noticed in the store that it is again amaryllis time. I like to have an amaryllis in the home during the Winter. They are spectacular plants and grow well. I have a red and white striped amaryllis from last year. I usually throw them away after they are finished, but this year I decided to try for a repetition. It was sitting outside during Summer growing leaves and I was feeding it with fertiliser according to the instructions I got from Internet. Eventually the leaves died and I removed it from its pot and cut away the dwindling roots. I noticed that the actual bulb was quite big so I have hope of a new flower this year. I also treated myself to a new amaryllis, a white one. They are fool proof to grow, Give them a warm base and water and what could possibly go wrong.

And now for the week-end shopping. Mr. Swiss and I have already completed our food conference and now more or less know what to eat during the week-end. What an interesting life we lead, but they are the little things that a golden oldie looks forward to. The only places we go are supermarkets and the doctors. Yesterday we both spent back breaking time in the garden. Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son were collecting the leaves I had swept together and I was busy cutting away the dead stalks from the summer. I will continue today.

May you have an eventful day on your computers with no sites that collapse. I lost my photo site yesterday for almost a complete day and it only worked now and again, which affected by golden oldie timetable to say the least.