JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Leaves


Not all the remains of Autumn are so wonderfully romantic and in brown and red tones, with green remains in between. The dead leaves in my garden resembled the survivors of a battle, the ones that were injured and eventually gave up. They wilted, were torn at the edges and had various strange marks from their fights with the wind and various insects. Eventually my No. 1 son collected them all. The main culprits were my hostas, the largest leaves of all which were reduced to a wilting mess. Luckily they gave up quite easily without a fight. Next Spring the new leaves will appear and survive a summer long until Autumn again arrives with its grim reaper.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Leaves

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Vampire

Liver 13.10 (1)

“Something is smelling good Morticia, nice and fresh. Is it you? I must say I love the pattern on your dress. Black with wonderful contrasting red stains. It really appeals, and night is only a few minutes away, shall we????”

“No Dracky, I am preparing your evening meal, something special to make you strong and a happy vampire. I am afraid some of the juice dropped onto my dress.”

“There was a special offer at the blood bank?”

“No, but it is Monday, the day when the butcher has only fresh meat and he put something on one side for us, knowing we are good customers for anything fresh and colourful. Look!”

“Morticia you spoil me, really. What have I done to deserve this wonderful meal.”

“Oh, Dracky I have never forgotten the first bite, the memories stay with me for the rest of my undead life. You deserve such little rewards.

“But this is luxury. What animal does it come from?”

“Don’t ask Dracky, just enjoy.”

“Is it homo sap…..”

“No Dracky, they have problems with that, somehow the laws have changed since the old country, but it is guaranteed fresh.”

“Oh Morticia, you are everything I could wish for. Would you like a slice?”

“Of course Dracky, I share everything with you, even the blood groups.”

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Vampire

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

Dog 27.11.2016

“That is not a werewolf.”

“Of course it is, look at the way he is sniffing for a victim.”

“Werewolves are not white, they are ….. another colour.”

“Never hear of an albino werewolf? Werewolves are not exception.”

“But the sun is shining and genuine werewolves only appear on full moon nights.”

“That is the difference between you normal average werewolf and and albino werewolf, they come out when the sun shines.”

“And what about the blood soaked long teeth?”

“Are you really so stupid? Everyone knows that albino werewolves only drink milk.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Creature


Öttu belongs to my son’s boss and goes everywhere with his human. A pet? No not really, a member of the family. He sits on his owner’s shoulder most of the time, or perhaps likes to explore a garbage can, and sometimes he even takes a flight, but not far. He talks, but has his own language. Food: paper is always good, it encourages beak creativity . Otherwise his owner has planted a nice box of sunflowers: not that Öttu appreciates flowers, but the seeds. He is a sunflower seed addict, but so are most of this tribe.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Creature

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

Moon 24.10 (3)

This is yesterday’s moon, just a wedge of cheese, nothing spectacular. Mr. Swiss called me, he was on the porch and it was getting dark.

“Come quickly with your camera, you can take a photo of the moon.”

I obeyed and grabbed my organised camera with the zoom lens. There was no point in taken the photo of a miniature bite of the cheese when you could get a mouthfull. Unfortunately I did not have my tripod ready, it was in the cellar and I do not bother with them – too much messing around although the photo quality is better I know. Nice sharp edges. I am more for point and shoot and this photo is the result. It got a bit shaky at the edges, but I am a golden oldie and 70 years is not longer a good age for being still and exact, you tend to shake now and again.

Of course a nice full moon with all the craters and whatever would be perfect, but you will have to do with this.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard

Woodgrange Park Cemetery

Where did they all go? It was once a flourishing graveyard, welcoming all to their last resting place, as long as you paid for the privilege.

When I was a kid I would go and visit the family grave with mum once a month. It was a fun graveyard, because there were no paths, but just an overgrown wilderness amongst the gravestones. Sometimes you were walking on a gravestone embedded in the ground. I remember one was a young man than had drowned in the river at the age of 23. I am probably the only person that spared him a thought. Eventually mum and I visited grandad, as there was only room for one person more in the family grave and he eventually joined his family.

The funny thing was I never met anyone in grandad’s family. When I researched the family tree I discovered that he had brothers and sisters. They were mum’s aunts and uncles, but I do not think she ever met them. And so time went on and one day the graveyard was sold. It was full up, no room left and no-one really bothered. Mum told me that some appartment blocks had been built on the land but there were a few remainders left from the graveyard days as in the photo. Half of the cemetery had now been taken over by muslims.

Many years later I was in England and visited it what was left of the cemetery. I found the ruins of the gravestones in the photos, as this small part of the cemetery had not been demolished, so I assume there were a few coffins with the remains below. The muslims were also there, and we saw some groups gathered on graves and having a good conversation. Funny isn’t it, christians and muslims have their problems on this side, but on the other side it makes no big difference. There were complaints that when they removed the old graves, they just ran over the ground with a bulldozer churning up a mixture of bones and coffins. There were complaints, but no big deal.

Our family grave has disappeared somehow, although there have been a few remarks made by people living in the appartment building now built over what used to be Woodgrange Park Cemetery in the Eastern Side of London. They say that sometimes objects move with no reason in their home and strange noises can be heard. I think they are perhaps searching for publicity or reading too many Neil Gaimann books.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Graveyard