JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Monster

Road to Langendorf 06.10 (12)

It is that time of the year when you encounter monsters everywhere. I saw this one as I drove past. It was on the field and needed two people to keep it under control. I do not know what its purpose in life is, but up to now there have been no missing persons mentioned, or strange body’s laying in the fields. Perhaps it just devours them and changes them into potatoes.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Monster

Daily Prompt: The Elasticity of the Imagination

Clouds 06.10 (10)

“Look, I told you.”

“What did you tell me? Oh yes, nice photo of a cloud. Seem to be your latest hobby.”

“What is my hobby?”

“Walking around with the camera stuck in the clouds. Where are you going with your computer, the radio and the first aid box. What have you got in that case?”

“They are my survival rations. They are coming to get us.”

“Who? It is a perfectly calm Autumn day.”

“I told you it would happen. All that messing around with the climate. I read that they are even spraying stuff into the sky to make hurricaines and tornados.”

“But I have not seen a strong wind since “Lothar” and that was at least 20 years ago. Even that one blew through in a night. We survived, just had to be careful of falling trees.”

“That was nothing and it was a natural phenomenom. Now they are doing it on purpose. If the climate doesn’t change itself, we will do it. We can do everything.  It’s that Korean guy and the American guy, they are fighting it out with their new toys.”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous.”

“I am not being ridiculous Oh, I musn’t forget my smartphone. I need contact with the outside world in the cellar, in case it still exists.”

“And where do you get this idea that we are in iminent danger?”

“The signs are there – look.”

Clouds 06.10 (10)

“I can see it, well I never. Those clouds really look like a giant. That is a good photo.”

“It is not a good photo, it shows that we are in danger from above. They are coming to get us, we will disintegrate into a cloud of radioactive dust.”

“Don’t be stupid, it is just a coincidence. The cloud has dissolved and we have the nice fluffy clouds.”

“Of course it is there, I have the proof on my camera. It is now in disguise. Don’t trust the fluffy clouds, the are only temporary.”

Clouds 06.10 (6)

Don’t believe them, Even they have a tinge of black on the edge. I tell you they will arrive with a vengence. They are spraying the clouds now with a radio active substance making them turn black. Look on the right. They will soon be engulfing us and crushing us.”

“And you are taking refuge in the cellar. .”

“Of course, it was built for protection against fall out. Where did we put those tablets.”

“For headache or indigestion or are you having your days again?”

“No, I am not having my days again, don’t change the subject. I mean the tablets we got from the government in case of emergency. The iodine tables for protection against nuclear fallout. I will have to take them with me.”

“Forget it, they will not help you. Oh and by the way it is now raining.”

“No, that is the end.”

“The clouds have now disappeared, so no worry.”

“We are being bombarded by radio active rain. I must make a telephone call.”

“To who?”

“The government of course, to warn them, we are under siege from the others. And don’t forget to take your iodine tablets, you never know.”

Daily Prompt: The Elasticity of the Imagination

Good Morning


The only clouds today are the man-made clouds, those that the planes leave  behind when flying. We are about 120 kilometers West of Zürich Airport and on the other side there is Geneva Airport. In between somewhere there is Bern, but that has only the European flights. We do not always see the tail traces of the planes, it depends on the atmosphere and weather, but today it was one Picasso painting in the sky.

Painting 06.10 (4)

Yesterday afternoon we were surrounded by painters. There were three of them, all rolling the wonderful green paint over the surface of our wall, doing the second and final coat. There were ideal conditions for photography, the sun being in the right place at the right time.

Just a week to go and they will also be gone. It seems long ago when I saw the last of our builders, they were becoming part of the household, although I did not invite them to dinner. They have now moved on to other victims. I learned a lot really. The building society of Switzerland is organised. They recruit their workers from everywhere. We had Germans on the job, Italians, some Moroccans and in between a few Swiss. Switzerland pays well for the work in comparison with other European countries, mainly due to the condition of the Swiss Franc and many of the workers live somewhere on the Swiss borders and travel into Switzerland daily for their work.

The painters are mainly Swiss, and work for a local company. Yesterday the men showed up for the new blinds. At the end of next week we will be waving goodbye to them all and there will only a few finishing jobs to do. At the end of the month, according to the book of builders, the scaffolding will be removed and we can breathe the fresh clean air of the open country again, without having to be worried about finding screws and and other strange pieces of metal in the lawn.

Jura 06.10 (1)

The sun was really doing us a favour yesterday. On the way to the supermarket in the car I noticed some wonderful light effects on the Jura mountains, so could not resist taking a few photos: there are even some autumn colours to be seen in between.

And what shall we do today? Mr. Swiss is leaving this morning to visit the supermarket. We will need some nice fresh bread to accompany the evening meal as I will be cooking chilli con carne and we like to eat it with fresh crusty bread. Some prefer it with rice, but everyone to their own. In the meanwhile I will  be ironing the freshly washed bed linen to prevent boredom and otherwise attending to my domestic hobbies. Mr. Swiss tells me to take it easy, but it is therapy for me. This morning my first movement was outside to see what the sky was doing and I was taking photos before I even thought about preparing breakfast.

By the way have you all had your flu injections? It seems to be the big thing these days in Autumn to have one and a lot of countries even offer them free. My dad was a keen follower of his annual flu injections, probably because they were free. He even had them done annually when he was in his extra care home. I must admit I have never bothered. Our doctor reminded us both that she would do it and we both turned it down.

I am injecting every second day with my MS medicine and I am not really sure if I still have some spare skin left for another one. I read daily in facebook of the latest proud flu injection victims. Of course they are good for something, especially for golden oldies they say. They cover many thousands of various virus, and they do not cover many thousands of virus, so it is a matter of luck if you are protected from the right virus. I have even heard of stories of people suffering after having the injection.

And on that happy thought I leave you all to enjoy the week-end before you.

Clouds 06.10 (7)