JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood


“Oh Morticia, blood sausage, my favourite.”

“Dracky you deserve a treat now and again. Since people have begun to walk around with garlic in their pockets and wearing a cross around their neck, you have been losing weight. The daily flights to the blood bank are such a strain on your wings, and their blood quality is not so good.”

“They even shut the window at the blood bank in the evening and I have to knock on the window for them to invite me to enter. They usually scream vampire and hold a cross up to the window and I fall off the window ledge in shock. No wonder my hair is turning grey .”

“Oh I see, that is why you are using my black hair dye.”

“Sorry Morticia, but there is no consideration for the needs of a vampire today. But now I have a wonderful meal of blood sausage. Did you get them from the basement of the cemetery.”

“Not exatly Dracky. The had a special offer in the supermarket as it will soon be halloween, but they assured me they were fresh. Shall I cook them, or do you prefer them raw.”

“Morticia, what a silly question. I like to savour every drop of blood from the last squeeze of my teeth. Are they imported sausages, or local.”

“Of course they a local Dracky. We don’t want any foreign rejects.”


“I asked, but the butcher refused to answer and just stared at me. A woman pointed her fingers and uttered a curse. Just try them Dracky, they were the best I could get, oh and Happy Halloween”

“A Happy Halloween to you as well my lovely.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Autumn

Road to Solothurn 17.10 (22)

Yes it is Autumn, The leaves are losing their colour and their energy and are dying. The maize in the field was no more, so the farmer decided to decapitate it. Another dead plant – but it is not only Autumn, it is halloween. It might all come alive again on 31st October for a last dance.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Autumn

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Trick

Shadow 14.10.2017

No-one comes tricking or treating here, we are Swiss and there is no halloween, but tricks can occur. Was this a caged bird trying to fly away? No – the sun was shining through my window and I have  a bird shape stuck on the window. I like clean windows and the bird prevents accidents of people walking into them. The black vertical lines are from my curtain stripes – it was all a trick reflections of the sun shining through the window.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Trick