RDP #67: Spiral

Garden Hose 14.04.2017

I suppose life is full of spirals. They are everywhere. We live with them. If I was a scientist, a genius, I could now write a thesis on time and its spiral, but unfortunately the only spirals I am acquainted with are those that are the reasons for when I slip and fall. I am an expert on them. In the last 10 year I have broken my arm twice, broken a leg and today had the stitches removed from my ear. Don’t ask. Each time I took a spiral movement before it happened.

I am sure that spirals are my enemy. How often have I almost tripped on my garden hose because of its spiral that just hangs there waiting. I am sure it has decided that one day, when I am less expecting it, I will take it in my hand to water the garden and it will begin to spiral around my arm and when I open the water tap it will pulsate and throb to pull its grip tighter. It is hanging on the wall and observing my every movement. Beware the garden hoses and their spirals, they are lurking and waiting.

Solothurn 05.04 (8)

Stairs are another spiral enemy. How often do I clutch the railings at the side hoping that it will save me if a stair decides to attack. The steps are waiting for their chance to throw you off balance and they know no mercy. Just as you reach the bottom two or three steps they attack. They have been waiting for their chance. The stairs make sure that your feet are attached to your legs at the top because they gloat, they watch and are savouring every nervous step you take.

And then you have almost done it, just almost, reached the bottom step. It is then that they shift. You do not notice it, it is a subtle movement, but they do it. Just when you are ready to pat yourself on the back for reaching the bottom step your foot suddenly has a will of its own (it is the staircase of course) and you lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. You do a body check and realise you can move your limbs with no pain, and breathe a sigh of relief, realising that this time nothing is broken.  All you now have to do is stand up. We will leave this exciting part, either you can do it or not. Just remember, the spirals in life are your greatest enemies.

Steps to Tower, St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

Looking at my various photos which I took in my garden and in town, I realise that I am surrounded by the spirals. They are closing in on me.

RDP #67: Spral