Good Morning


I needed something to brighten up he morning. It began with removing duvet and cushion covers from the bed linen. Yes, the time for fresh linen is here again, the problem being that it is all double the work as there are two beds. And so I afterwards ventured into the garden to have a pickup and see what is happening outside. I found this colourful mixture quite good.


I even treated myself to one of these yesterday. I saw them as a new arrival in the store a couple of days ago and discovered that are called kalanchoe thyrsifolia. They are also known as flap jacks. Any relation of kalanchoe with its wonderful small flowers is a friend of mine.


However they do not all look like this, and the new species I have bought is a bit different. It seems they do flower, once in their life, with a stalk reaching 2-3 meters and some white flowers. After this exhaustion, the plant will die, but leaving a few new baby plants to continue the race. As these are generally at home in the African countries I do not expect mine will flower. It needs almost no water and some sun, so another curiosity in the garden. During the Winter I will have to take it inside.

I also noticed yesterday that my parsley is coming to an end, determined to now produce flowers, and no longer with any leaves for cooking, so I bought myself a new parsley to last until Winter.  When I planted it I noticed a few small centepedes said hello in the earth. they were black and a species I had never seen before: only two or three of them. Amazing what you find sometimes.


I noticed I also had quite a buzzy noise on my buddleia. After the rain we had been having I noticed the bees were out to enjoy what the buddleia had to offer.

I was actually on a shopping trip to the store yesterday to get a few edible items to ensure we do not starve until Friday. There was a special offer on spiced salmon and I decided that would make a change from the usual cold cuts in the evening. Served on toast with some horseradish sauce it would be quite tasty. Evening meals are sometimes so monotonous. Mr. Swiss made the suggestion yesterday for a Russian salad now and again. You can buy it ready made from the tin, but I though I might have a go myself. Just cooking some diced cubes of potato, carrot, perhaps beans and definitely peas is no big job and afterwards mixed in a salad sauce.  He was right, it would make a change.

And now to make up for lost time, continue the bed making session and otherwise generally making order everywhere.


i had to tie up my white roses this morning as they were hanging down with the weight of the rain drops. Although a fresh rain is good for the roses, but the petals begin to show signs of becoming brown. Today I will be busy at home dealing with bed linen and other work. If I have the time I might take a wheelie in my chair this afternoon with the camera, but not so far. I was thinking to the local cemetery and castle.

In the meanwhile enjoy the day and ignore the bad parts. We all have them now and again. See you on the flip side.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wow … so busy so early in the morning !!! The plants are looking fantastic. I also bought two new cactus that were in the “bargain bin” at the local store … they looked like they need a home. Fortunately, I do not have the same weakness for kitties of puppies to bring them home, or I would be in trouble. Have a great day. SLP

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    • I have the kitten weakness, but Mr. Swiss says no. We are both now golden oldies and it would not be fair to the kitten. I also have an eye open for plant bargains. I also like the strange plants as this one is.


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