FOWC with Fandango: Surreal

I have been blogging away daily  in WordPress for more than 10 years, so have a written a few thousand entries. This is an entry I once wrote for my feline Nera. She went to the eternal corn chambers a few years ago for her 10th life and is now helping to keep them mouse free under the instructions of Bastet. When she was still with me, she helped to write this entry. We both always had a hang to surrealism. Illustrations by me with Photoshop and text with a little help from Nera my big black long furred cat that insisted it was all fluff and nothing to do with being fat. This also features one of my favourite paintings “Son of Man” by René Margritte.

roschti and apple

“Nera, what do you think you are doing with my favourite painting by René Magritte, the famous Belgian artist.”

My chief feline seemed to be bored and decided to create something on her pawPad using  her new photo programme, Felineshop.

“I am helping you with your daily prompt. It said to bring your favourite painting to life, so I created my own with help from Roschti the ginger tom that lives next door. Roschti, stop licking the apple. We are finished with the painting, but the apple stays here.”

“She was too late, and Roschti disappeared pawing the apple in front of him, as if training for a soccer game.”

This all seemed to be very surrealistic and then there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and guess what, the guy in the WordPress t-shirt was not standing there for a change. I think it was his day off. No, this time it was a guy dressed in an overcoat, with white shirt and nice red tie. He had a bowler hat on his head and yes, there was an apple hanging in front of his face with stalk and leaves attached.

“Who are you” I asked, “another public relation stunt from WordPress?”

“No, I am the Son of Man”

The surrealism was increasing.

“The son of man, the original self-portrait from René Magritte. I was hanging around and heard that I might be needed so here I am: anything to eat? I am starving,  but please no green apples. I would rather have a plate of chips, you know I am actually a Belgian.”

“Ah, “les frites” I said, and I believe he laughed behind the apple. I continued. “I do not have any French fries, but a packet of potato chips, flavoured with paprika, if that will do.”

“Look Mrs. Human, it’s the man in your favourite painting.” Nera feline appeared and was staring with her large yellow eyes.

“Yes Nera, what a surprise, seems your imitation portrait worked a miracle. Now go and play with your pawPad, but no paintings, just follow the mouse or catch the bird, OK.”

“OK Mrs. Human, will do. Felineshop is not an easy programme” and with a swish of her long black furry tail she was gone.

In the meanwhile the man with the green apple was munching paprika chips although a little complicated. He had to slip them under the apple in front of his face to reach his mouth.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to remove the apple?” I asked.

“Yes it would, but it is part of me and cannot be removed. You would have to paint over it, and as I am here in real life, it would not be possible. I am only on loan here for a few minutes. I hang in a private collection.”


“Not even Google knows the answer to that question” he said.

“What about a photo?” I asked.

“Of course”

I was going to ask him to smile for the photo, but decided even if he smiled it would be hidden behind the apple. He asked for a glass of water which he drank through a straw between the apple and his face. He stood and I took my unforgettable photo.

“Goodbye Mrs. Angloswiss, it was nice to be welcomed into your home.” And he disappeared into the scenery of a sea coast which suddenly appeared on the horizon.

“Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human” I heard loud meows. I have framed my Felineshop creation, it is finished, wake up” It was Nera. “I think you drifted into a human sleep.”

I think it was a surrealistic sleep, after all paintings do not come to life, felines do not have a photoshop programme, or do they?

René Magritte, The Son of Man, 1964, Restored by Shimon D. Yanowitz, 2009 רנה מאגריט, בנו של אדם, 1964, רסטורציה ע

Son of Man by Réné Magritte

Nera on top of the wardrobe

And this is Nera

FOWC with Fandango: Surreal

RDP Wednesday: Fear


There he was perched high on a flower branch and looking at me. Was he preparing to attack? This was fear so I decided to retire indoors, with the window open and see how the situation develops. Many years ago I was at the local swimming pool(s) with the kids in summer and yes, I sat on a wasp, or was it a bee? It was wearing a striped pullover and I think it was a bee. It was my first and only sting. It was as if I had sat on a piece of sharp glass. I think the bee died afterwards, it looked as helpless as I did. I was treated at the first aid station and forgot about the whole thing afterwards.

Otherwise no fear here. Since I seriously began to drive a car in January, I can do it all. Eight months back on the road with all the complications. Suddenly the road is being repaired and you have to thread into a one way stream. Parking the car in narrow spaces is still something I like to avoid, but even that works. As a golden oldie fear no longer really exists, they are more daily challenges to be overcome.

RDP Wednesday: Fear

Good Morning


This is the best I can do this morning. I am later than usual due to a sleepless night and a search for my tea bags. I keep them in a little red metal box on a kitchen shelf. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here and likes to tidy up my kitchen cupboards, and does a good job of it. This morning my little red metal box was nowhere to be seen and after a quarter of an hour search I found it at the back of the top shelf. I then realised how important my cup of rosy lea is as a drink with my breakfast. Some cannot live without their coffee, but for me it is the tea. I know it is very British, but coffee has an adverse effect on my digestion.


To make sure I remained wide awake, we had one of those very loud thunderstorms again. It sounded like the sky was having an argument with the rain clouds. And rain was plenty. We had enough yesterday on and off, but since I arose this morning it is only on. I was worried that my roses were not getting enough water, and now they are developing webbed roots.


Guess where I was yesterday afternoon? Yes a visit to the hairdresser was necessary. I was slowly looking like something from the Munster family (and old series based on a family of horror lookalikes) that I really had to do something about it. After half an hour my head felt a kilo lighter and I could see again. The photo is not from the hay harvest on the fields, but the harvest from my head. The parting words from my hairdresser were “see you again sometime end September” and this time I will make sure I will keep that date. I used to have long hair and now and again think about growing it again, but I just do not feel so good with it hanging over my eyes and hanging around on my neck. I was going to do a selfie on my iPhone to show the result, but decided early morning photos of me are not the best so I leave it to your imagination.


I did venture out into the pouring rain (no more risk of having wet hair) but decided it was very wet out there so returned again. It is  still rumbling in the distance. Today is an afternoon of shopping. I will actually be glad to get out and see something different than my four walls at home.

I am otherwise hoping for a quiet day today. Yesterday was enough stress. I just noticed it has stopped raining, and perhaps we might even be getting a little sun. I am now on my way to various places like the shower and cleaning cupboard and afterwards to have a clean up of the apartment. Have a good day everyone, see you around.