10 thoughts on “FOTD 7th August 2019: Strelitza

  1. Hello Pat. I live in Florida. We have them everywhere. They are really pretty. The problem is they are a nightmare to try to get rid of or thin down. Bur if you have the room they are grand. Hugs

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      • Hello Pat. The grow from a huge bowl root. So as new ones come up the bowl gets bigger and thicker. If you want to get rid of the mass of the plant, say cut it back to few plants as it grows new sprouts you have to dig down and cut the bowl root which is hard to do. Simply cutting the new growth off a the surface wont stop the growth or spread. Still they are grand plants and if you have room in a yard for them they are great, just don’t plant it next to a door, window, or porch where you don’t want it to spread. Hugs

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  2. Do you remember when I wrote about the giant bird-of=Paradise? It is grown more for the bit lush leaves. The flowers happen to be white, but are not as pretty as the orange sort.

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