FOWC with Fandango: Abnormal


Who am I to say what is abnormal? I saw this guy in town doing a hand stand. I moved on and discovered he was one of the members of the Breakdance group and was practicing some movements, loosening up his limbs, before he appeared in front of the public.


Here he is again, so nothing abnormal, just in a day’s dance work.

FOWC with Fandango: Abnormal

RDP Thursday: Bush

Bush 24.05.2018

This is what I call a bush. They grow in gardens, sometimes just wild in the country or  along a river bank and many have pretty flowers.

We do not have water holes, but rivers and our insects keep themselves to themselves: perhaps a spider or a bug.


I just found this one crawling along my table outside and have no idea what it is. It’s a fast mover and you often see them late Summer and Autumn.

Our snakes usually go under the name of worm, so nothing to get worried about.

Otherwise I would love to visit the real Australian bush, but for me it just remains a dream.

RDP Thursday: Bush