RDP Thursday: Sham

Shamrock 12.09 (2)

A shamrock is not a rock
It does not even try
I call myself an Angloswiss
But my German is just standbye
50 years ago
I met the man of my life
On the day that we  got married
I became a very Swiss wife
My Rösti is quite perfect
I see the alps every day
Although I have never climbed one
The summit too far away
Deep down I am still a Brit
Although I pay in francs
I will no longer return to England
Stay faithful to the Swiss Banks

RDP Thursday: Sham

6 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Sham

    • Glad you like it. It’s funny. Sometimes when I write something i do not find it so good and others do. When i write a good piece (in my view) it does not seem to be so successful – that’s life I suppose

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