FOWC with Fandango: Dirt


“Looks like the parting of the ways Fred. I will bury myself in this patch of dirt.”

“Do you think it is a better dirt there?”

“Who knows, dirt is dirt, but as long as you can eat it and recycle it and produce more, we are achieving our purpose in life.”

“We have a purpose in our lives?”

“Of course. There is so much dirt laying around, it must be there for a reason.”

“I suppose you are right. In that case see you on the other side.”

“Other side?”

“The other side of the dirt. Sometimes we even get some water in the dirt, ideal for making mud pies.”

FOWC with Fandango: Dirt

RDP Friday: Insipid

Army Chocolate

And what could be more insipid than a bar of army chocolate. Here is it wrapped in its original packing. The label says Army Chocolate and at the side it is marked 1 Portion, 1 ration. Switzerland is neutral, as we all know, but we have an army and our soldiers must be fed to maintain their stamina. Swiss chocolate is famous for its quality and even our soldiers and airmen (I do not think we have any sailors, because we do not have an ocean) survive on their chocolate. I rescued this piece of culinary gourmet food for a photo from my son’s supply.

RDP Friday: Insipid

Good Morning


Yes I have returned for a morning greeting and a somewhat cloudy morning it is, but am hoping for a sunny day later according to the weather prophets.

I have not abandoned you entirely, but have been blogging in the afternoon. The last two mornings were stressful to say the least. Mr. Swiss had his cataract operation on Wednesday and the appointment was for 9.45 a.m. so we were up and getting ready and I had no time for even thinking about a computer. The operation was in the doctor’s practice. It seems that Wednesday morning is the day of operations as when we arrived there were quite a few patients that had already been operated, or like Mr. Swiss waiting for the operation. The operated ones were all sitting quiety with a patch over one eye. I was lucky to find a useful parking place as the practice is next to the main station and the places to park are very narrow to say the least. I dropped off Mr. Swiss and went home to deal with my usual routine. Around 11.00 a.m. he called me to say he was finished and I could pick him up. Day 1 was dealt with. Then we had day 2 which was more or less the same without the operation. I had to bring Mr. Swiss again for an inspection. Everything was fine and when I go home it was cooking lunch for everyone. Everyone was telling me what a simple and painless operation it would be and it is. For me that was the easiest part, but the stress I had bringing and fetching and organising! On Wednesday afternoon I had my usual shopping trip and I must say I was exhausted after all was completed and was glad to collapse into my bed in the evening.

Thursday was another stress day, as it was the day of changing the bed linen in the morning. I really thought I would postpone it for a week, but not possible. In a week phase No. 2 of the operation will be performed for the other eye, so I also changed the bed linen when we got home. I still do not know how I completed it all, but I did and must say I was quite proud of myself. Mr. Swiss is now happy that colour has returned to his left eye, he can see again clearly and it can only get better: the wonders of modern day surgery. He has to sleep with a plastic shell over his eye to protect it from anything during the night like getting caught up in the bed linen whilst sleeping.


I was so glad for a normal day today, and my first inspection of the garden in the morning showed that the slugs were on their way again, although now the weather is developing into the later days of Summer and the garden is finishing its annual show. It is a shame really. I have watched it develop throughout the summer, each plant showing its new flowers, and now there is nothing really left except for my giant black eyed Susans, rudbeckia laciniata. They are always the last to flower in the year.


I was surprised to see that even my climbing rose managed its last flowers before saying goodbye until next year and brought out a whole bunch of them as a last effort.

It is Friday again, what a quick week this has been, but I have been so busy. I am off for the week-end shopping this afternoon and was trying to piece together a shopping list yesterday. I asked for some ideas, but noticed I was left to myself as usual. Mr. Swiss does not eat so much as he used to, prefers smaller portions and my No. 1 son always eats everything.


I still have a vase of son No. 2’s gladiolus on the porch, but they are now in the last stages, although there are still a few flowers blossoming at the end of the stalks. I must say they are very photogenic.

I am hoping for a nice relaxed, normal day today. No excursions by car in between, although one advantage is that I can now park it quite well. After not driving for a couple of years I had somehow lost the touch of parking. I never was very good at straight lines, but now I can do it. It seems to be a question of routine and I have had enough over the last couple of days. Next week I will have the same routine, so will probably do the disappearing act for a couple of days in the morning again. For the check up on the eye we even have a time of 8.30 in the morning, so I do not know how we will get that settled: at least I will be home earlier.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy it can only get better. At least that is what I was telling myself this week.