RDP Tuesday: Intent


In town, I notice this contraption. It seems the intention was to move objects from the top    floor: an invitation for a photo.


Looking at it from another angle, it was quite interesting.

The guys in the truck below all waved and laughed when they saw me leave, with my camera.  Perhaps I should have taken their photo as well.

RDP Tuesday: Intent

Good Morning


The clouds are hanging low this morning: rain and now and again a little bit of thunder, but nothing too serious. Yesterday evening I retired to bed and there was one loud crash outside to shake the building. I decided to go outside quickly and put a few plants in shelter in case the storm of the year was coming. I returned to hugging the bed and heard nothing more. It did not even rain. However, this morning showed it would  be a rainy day, and I was not sad. It gave my garden the dose of water it needed and freshened up my rose pots.


My buddleia are now dipping their heads in  small rain puddles and my cat Tabby even ventured out, although it had then stopped raining, and she was having a refreshing drink of rainwater.

It’s a busy day today. My lovely cleaning lady is here seeing to my kitchen, shower and bath and the two guys arrived to change the lamp outside on the porch. It is one of those motion detector lamps. They are for detecting if you are getting people wanting to break it, but tend to detect the flying moths more at night. The guys did the job in five minutes which will probably amount to about fifty Swiss francs, what a lovely way to earn money.


My garden is ready for the next flower show it seems. The rudbeckia (black eyed susans) and echinicea (cone flowers) are blossoming and now it looks like my sedum is getting ready for its flower debut. I am sure the bees can hardly wait.


Up to now they have made the most of my mullein where they develop little orange pouches on their legs after collecting the pollen.

What more can I say this morning. Dinner is cooking and this afternoon I will be on a excursion to my hairdresser. My hair is now at the point where it is doing what it wants to and not what I want. I prefer it short and sweet.


I saw some strange plants in the store yesterday that have the name Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora.  At first I thought OK, but nothing special. On the other hand if they are a form of kalanchoe, they might develop quite well. I find kalanchoe do not need a lot of care or water, I just had a look in Wikipedia and it seems these tend to flower in autumn with white flowers, so I might add one to my little collection.

And now to move on. My cleaning lady is nearly finished and I have to check on my dinner to see how the rice is developing. Yes, a woman’s work is never done. Actually it was a very pleasant morning, no rush or stress and I even polished up my windows and frames in between.

Enjoy the day or night, whatever is actual. See you around some time later with some more exciting episodes in the life of an Angloswiss, or perhaps not. 🙂