FOWC with Fandango: Highfalutin

Norah Street 1964

Ain’t no ‘i falutin ideas ‘ere cos we’re all cockneys and we don’t bovver wiv putting on airs and graces. We all speak cockney. Nah,’eres a photo of where I grew up, me ‘ouse in Befnal Green in London Town. Nuffing fancy, just brick and morter and a doorstep. The doorstep was important, mum would go down on ‘er knees and scrub it once a week, it ‘ad to be clean. The ‘ouse ain’t there any more, pulled down abaht firty years ago, wasn’t good enuf for modern times. Even the lav was outside in the garden.

So I ‘ope you all got the gist of this little story told in me natural language. I am a cockney and proud of it.

FOWC with Fandango: Highfalutin

RDP Monday: Tristful


I do not have time to be tristful at the moment, I am living from one moment to the other, but now and again I still have my moments of freedom. My supermarket store is running one of their campaigns for keeping the kids happy. For every 20 Swiss francs you spend at the cash desk you get a picture of an animal. The whole thing is called “Animal Planet Mania”. Now I am a succour for such things, the child is still stuck inside somewhere, and with my grandchild(ren) in mind (another one on the way) I began to collect the stickers.


I even bought the album for a few francs to paste them in and my photos are mounting.

Now the sad part comes. At the beginning I was filling up the empty spaces in the album one after the other and even completed a couple of pages. Now the time has come where the pictures in the sealed packets are double. This is the result.


Some pages are full, and others still show reserved empty places for the photos I have not yet received. Of course it is all in the German language, but being in Switzerland we have three main languages, so the supermarket also have a French and Italian version for those living in the areas concerned. Some photos are even combined with a video and there is also a “gold” sticker for free entrance to a zoo or animal park (WOW).

I will continue to collect and perhaps I might even meet other frustrated housewives that swop the double photos they have, I have many. Some people are not collecting, and if you are lucky at the cash desk, the person behind you might offer that you have her photos as she does not need them. Bear in mind you need 156 Stickers to complete the album.

I know, little things please little minds, but one day my album will be complete.

RDP Monday: Tristful

Good Morning


It is a boring blue sky this morning, so to compensate here is a photo I took yesterday on a local wheelie in my chair up to the castle. It seems the farmers are now busy harvesting what it left to harvest. There are a few white clouds hovering over the Jura mountains, but that is what they generally do here.


On my wheelie yesterday I passed by the stables, but I was mainly there to see if there were some silky chickens (the name of the breed) wandering around. They seem to be the house pets as they are always in the farmhouse garden and this time I was lucky. They have their own rooster and he is always dressed in his best feathers: a real stately figure, perhaps not so pretty, but always has a determined look in his eye. I actually heard him before I saw him.


Here he is again on the bottom right of the photo, together with his women folk. I just love those silky chickens, really something special.

It was a wonderful afternoon, with a hint of heatwave, and I seem to be getting a wheelchair sun colour. I was glad that I managed to go out for an hour in the afternoon. This week again promises to become a stress week with Mr. Swiss last cataract operation on the other eye and then we have it almost behind us. Just an inspection a week later to see how it is and then I can get on with my normal life again. Although Mr. Swiss is the patient, I have to drive him to the various appointments back and forth and my housewife life becomes an in between job.

Today is Monday, so nothing special on the programme, just the normal afternoon shopping tour in the supermarket which reminds me that I still have to make a list of things to buy. Our local store is part of a chain and they have a super web site which means I am always up to date on their special offers. I noticed they have a special price again for orchids, with three flower stalks, so I will probably be taking advantage of it. At the week-end I always get notification of the weeks special buys, although they only take effect from Tuesday.


I noticed there were quite a few horses out on the field yesterday nosing around in the grass. Again I was busy uploading photos yesterday evening, but this week I will have little chance to take a photo safari so I made the most of it.

On my wheelie yesterday I noticed that I had a companion in the air. A red kite was following me on the way. They are quite large birds and we often see them when they come down from the hills to pay a visit.


And now I should move on to other things like the bathroom and clearing the week-end from the apartment,  although I cannot really complain. I like to keep myself occupied. I wish you all a good start to the week and see you later.