Good Morning


Looks like it will be a sunny day today, although the weather can change so quickly lately. Had one of those stupid beginnings to the day. My oven switch is not working so well at the moment. I set it up for the temperature and then it loses contact. The funny thing is that when Mr. Swiss does it, it works perfectly, but he was still sleeping. He has now arrived and fixed it again, although he found there was nothing to fix. I only hope that it is working OK when I used it this morning to bake an apple flan. I have just prepared it for my apple creation and it worked perfectly. It seems when the oven is hot it is functioning. No. 2 son and family are visiting for lunch and the rest of the day.


The slugs are back again, one more slimy than the other. If it was not the fact that we have late summer I would make attempts to exterminate them, but now I cannot be bothered. I noticed that actually they have some interesting patterns on their body. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although I do not really find anything beautiful about a slimy creature with no legs and hundreds of teeth.


This one was waiting on the next plant, but it has a shell and not part of the naked show.

Yesterday I had to make a quick visit to the store to get a few things I had forgot. How I hate shopping on Saturday afternoon. No free parking places, and more customers than usual. I suppose I am spoilt during the week as there is really no stress with the afternoon shopping.


On my photo trip in the garden this morning I noticed that my mullein has decided to produce some new buds and flowers: quite an interesting plant really, although one is enough. It seems to produce hundreds of seeds that disappear into the earth below and I am hoping I do not have a garden full of them next year.


Yesterday evening I noticed the moon was playing a game of hide and seek with the clouds. I wish my moon photos would be  little more clear, but I tend to shake a little when holding the camera and I cannot be bothered to install my tripod in the evening.

I do not really have a lot of time this morning and should get a move to to get my veal ragout going. When everything is set I can relax and do my usual work as it will all cook on its own. And now to slice some apples and do the rest.

Have good Sunday and enjoy.


This morning I was surprised to see that my sweet pea still have fresh flowers.