FOWC with Fandango: Nest

Brooding swan with eggs 15.06 (2)

I would wheel past this swan and her mate in my chair at least twice a week. She would be sitting quietly on her nest and her mate might be having a paddle in the river. The local authorities erected the fence around her to keep visitors away. There was a path nearby. Then one day she stood to have a preen of her feathers and I saw the eggs, five of them.  I was naturally ready with the camera. Suddenly she was gone, but a colleague told me he saw the proud parents taking a swim with the newly arrived cygnets.

Duck Nest 23.07.2019

A couple of weeks later this one came to my attention. She had made her nest on a docking station, where the local police keep their boat. The only reason I saw her was because the police were going for a pleasure trip on the river and the nest was not hidden by the boat.

Crows Nesting 19.03 (6)

And then we have the crow colony in the trees along the banks of the river. In Spring the trees are full of their nests. they are quite high up so you do not see them very clearly, and I have never seen a baby crow.

Storks 30.06 (2)

Not to mention the storks. They do not have a nest, but an engineering construction and they return every year to the same place. Here we see mum and dad and their offspring.

Switzerland love their nests. My Swiss mother-in-law now and again  used the expression “Nascht” when talking about the bed. Of course being a copy cat I would use the word as well, thinking it was one of those amusing Swiss German words. That was until Mr. Swiss told me that it was not very nice to refer to your bed as a “Nascht”, quite a common expression.

In spring my world seems to be full of nests.

FOWC with Fandango: Nest

RDP Friday: Return

Rush Hour Solothurn Station

People returning,
people going
Waiting for a loved one
The crowds always flowing
The trains come and go
Passengers alight
On their way to home
Now everything is right
A voice announces arrivals
of trains that soon depart
No time to have a coffee
The engine wants to start
Arriving on the train
Make sure you find a seat
At last you can relax
Your return almost complete
She is waiting at the station
Might be mother or just wife
At last the stress has gone
Return to normal life

RDP Friday: Return

Good Morning


A perfect sunrise this morning, although I actually wanted to remain hugging the bed, but duty calls. Even golden oldies cannot lay in bed all day, especially when you have things to do and places to go. Our summer has returned after a few days of clouds, thunder and rain, but a pleasant summer. No longer so burning hot, but a cooling breeze and now you can really enjoy the colours of the surrounding gardens.


I was thinking of taking a weelie yesterday in my chair, but again spent longer in bed after lunch than intended and I do not like to stress in the afternoon. Today is the day of week-end shopping. My list is made and I will be making the store insecure this afternoon with my search for food. On Sunday No. 2 son will be visiting with family so the more the merrier at the lunchtime table.


I was also busy yesterday evening with the laundry from our bed linen. I usually do the washing in the evening as electricity is half price from 9.00 pm. I hang it overnight and in the morning it is dry enough to iron, so I will be busy this morning. Friday is also the day when our surroundings are cared for by our local gardeners, and I can already hear their machines winding their way clearing the leaves and other rubble that has collected during the week.


Now and again we also hear the noise of a plane winging its way overhead, probably from our local airport of Grenchen. No. 1 son has also signed off for lunch at home. The owner of the company where he works is offering a b-b-que at lunch for all the workers outside. It is not a large company, and I find this a wonderful gesture. They will be roasting bratwurst and cervelat (sausages) with the colleagues outside over the grill.

It is very quiet here at the moment and we are often the only people actually at home in our building. It is still holiday time and the schools are closed. This week is the last week of the school holidays and next week will be back to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. I notice it when I am driving and the streets and roads are almost empty. We never have a terrific amount of traffic, but the cyclist traffic from the local schools is now missing.

And now I must go missing for the remainder of the morning. I am a little behind in my golden oldie routine and should be concentrating on the daily tasks. I will now finish my cup of tea and wander off to the shower. Take it easy, it’s Friday and we have a week-end in front of us, although for golden oldies every day is a week-end. See you around later.