FOWC with Fandango: Cynicism


Joe was happy, at last he had a work. At the age of 60 it was not easy to find something for the last five years until retirement. He had been searching for a long while. Had to mortgage his house, and had only a few months until he would be living on national assistance money. He was lucky not to be living on the streets and had found a room in a hostel for the unemployed.

His clothing was also reflecting his financial state of affairs, blue jeans and a t-shirt with washed out letters saying Cereal Killer, which would not be ideal for a new job. Luckily there was the salvation army with their second hand clothes shops, but he knew he had to have something looking more decent for a new job. He was no longer a white collar worker with shirt and tie. His job in earlier days was as a chief clerk in an industrial enterprise, but computers arrived, and it was those that earned the big money that were the first to go. His wife left him, the kids no longer wanted to know him.

He applied for a job as an office help. Nothing spectacular, but he would be earning money and with time he was sure he could move out of the hostel, even if it would be only a bedsit. and so he went on the search for something to wear. He decided it must be white. It came from his earlier days in the office when  white shirt and tie was uniform. Of course shirts were no longer so practical, so he decided on a t-shirt.

He was excited on the first day in the office. Actually it was not the office, but a basement room in the building and his work was to shred the documents no longer needed in the company. Everything was now digitalised and the cellar had to be cleared out. From morning to evening he would shred. He was alone in the cellar, although now and again he would hear voices outside of the co-workers. The toilets were on the same corridor.

It was when the smell began that people got curious. There was something in the basement with a penetrating odour. The toilets were examined and nothing found.

The cleaning lady found Joe bent over the shredder and it was not the shredder that was smelling. Joe had worked in his last job. As they say, another clean white shirt would do him.

FOWC with Fandango: Cynicism

RDP Saturday: Eventually


Why a tiger? To be quite honest, I did not have a photo of a panther, but eventually that will do just as well, so why a panther?

I am 73 years old and spent the first 20 of these years in London, England. This means that my growing up time, surrounded by familiar faces, places I knew well, were a long time ago. I have now been living 53 years in Switzerland and have no more connections to my past life. Of course I have built up a circle of acquaintances in Switzerland, from my workplace, from the town where I live and of course through connections from Mr. Swiss, my partner in crime. My kids are no longer kids and lead their own lives. I even have one and a half grandchildren (one on the way) and now it is I me and myself. Although not quite alone, as I have my Mr. Swiss, but we are both golden oldies and apart from an exciting excursion to the supermarket or a visit from my son or the arrival of the cleaning lady, everything stays the same.

I decided I need a change in this life and so I began to look around for a senior citizens group, an old people clan. However, I do not want to be confronted with colleagues whose main topics would be their health and recycling problems. I need some intellectual support, encouragement, interesting discussions. We have a group, founded some years ago, called the Grey Panthers. They are golden oldies with a little more to offer than complaints. Before I became a golden oldie, I always said that would be my thing when I need more contact when older, and now I have arrived at the point where I should do something.

As it is modern active group, who also make excursions and visits to interesting places, I decided to have a look what Internet says, and I found our local group. They also have an english course (which I would not need) and a group for improving French (might be an idea). How surprised was I to find that there are many familiar names there. In July and August they are closed for holiday time, but in September they will be available again and it is my intention to put out some feelers to join. I naturally spoke to Mr. Swiss about my idea and even he would be interested. So let’s do it, or at least try. It might be an eventual improvement to my life which is becoming more and more isolated and that is what worries me. One day I might really be alone and I need contact with other people.

At the moment my social life is based on blogging. Of course you are all lovely people and I would really be alone without you all, but I must do something more. Perhaps I will no longer be here so much, who knows, but I am sure I can spare an hour or two during the weeks for something completely different.

RDP Saturday: Eventually

A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow


When my lady gardener planted my new garden, we discussed the flowers to be included, but that was last year in early Autum and I forgot what we decided upon. Imagine my pleasant surprise when my garden began to flower this year. Parts of it are a yellow sea of flowers, mainly thanks to the rudbeckia.


And a mullein that we call “Königskerze” in German meaning King’s Candle.

A Photo a Week: Yellow

Good Morning


Here I am again. I always feel good when I can convince myself to stop hugging the bed and arrive in the kitchen in one piece. Even the sky looks quite adventurous this morning with its many shades of grey and even a bit of blue mixed in.


The day began with a mini drama. Mr. Swiss was ahead of me in leaving his bed this morning, and his first movement of the day is to make a cup of coffee: nothing special, just an instant brew as it goes quicker. It was then a cry of help was uttered, there was no milk. Now I was very unhappy about that situation as it meant someone would have to buy milk today, and I really did not intend on buying anything. My shopping was completed yesterday and milk was not included. I never drink milk and due to a lactose problem it is non existent for me unless someone, who will not be mentioned, inserts it in my cloud shopping list. We had milk problems during the heat wave and even our long life milk was turning to a watery development of a flocky mess in the fridge. For this reason I had begun to put the unopened milk in my fridge in the laundry room which I keep for storing my medication. I told Mr. Swiss there should be a litre in the cellar, and he even went personally to have a look. That proves that it was an emergency. Yes, luckily there was a litre box still available and we all breathed a sign of relief. I already have visions of shopping on Saturday afternoon for milk. Son No. 1 is already on his way for the day to Zürich, so he would not be available and I had intended to take a wheelie into town this afternoon. Having saved the day, Mr. Swiss had his cup of coffee, retired again to the bed and I could begin my usual programme of breakfast with a computer.


Not without making a visit to my garden for a few photos. My sedum has now decided to open some buds and I am sure the bees and whatever flies and makes a buzzy noise will be delighted. An extra ingredient on the dish for their daily food or whatever. There is a sad side to sedum as it takes all summer to grow and when the buds open it is a harbinger of Autumn. Now that would be a word for a daily prompt, I even had to look it up to see if I had used it properly.


Our skies were quite busy yesterday. As I was in the bathroom it seemed that the complete apartment was shaking. Not due to the jet that was flying overhead yesterday morning, but we had helicopter traffic. I was a little disappointed that I did not capture the helicopter with my camera. It returned and it was a very low flyer. This time I was prepared outside, but it was here and gone and all I got was a shot of the neighbouring trees. Luckily this jet was passing as well, so as a compensation I took the photo. What seems to be just a trail of white steam in the sky, becomes quite a large aeroplane when viewed through the zoom lens and enlarged when uploading.

It was quite an eventful morning up to now, and now to embark on further adventures of Mrs. Angloswiss like having a shower and cleaning the place up. It is now the third day that I am managing without dragging my walker wherever I go in the home and I am managing quite well. I am not a perfect walker, a bit slow and quite amusing with my unsteady wobble, but faster without the walker and I seem to be getting things done much better. Of course, there is always a danger of falling, but I am also learning to move more carefully, and falling is just as easy done with or without walker.


My last roses of summer have now opened and so I bid you goodbye for the time being. There are places to go (in the apartment) and things to be done (also in the apartment). Have a good week-end everyone.