FOTD 4th August 2019: Amaryllis


My white amaryllis from last Christmas. I so love the white ones, something special. That is why I still have it in its own pot outside on the porch. It has grown a few leaves. Later this year I am hoping it will grow again with a new flower.  I never throw away my amaryllis, but keep them for the next year. It usually works quite well.

FOTD 4th August 2019: Amaryllis

FOWC with Fandango: Previous


I must admit that thanks to the spies we have in Internet, I am never at a loss for what to write. Previous to writing I was having a nice midday relaxation sleep. Did you get that down in India with the Tygpress. Make sure you show my photo as well, it might make me famous. It is not my photo, but from the spy at home, Mr. Swiss. Of course he was hiding inside.

The spies on Tygpress do not even hide. I just had a look and if you have a problem reading my articles, just go to and enter Angloswiss, you will find all my blogs there. Thanks to Fandango  I could print the following on my artilcle:

but probably those that are working for Tygpress cannot either read or write, so only find it is in a pretty red colour.

I am a golden oldie, 73 years old, Mr. Swiss already 80 years old in a 2 months. Actually I suppose I should be glad that I have a backup free of charge of my WordPress blogs.

FOWC with Fandango: Previous

Good Morning


Some clouds are more intriguing than others and the all have a name, something latin I would call this one stratus cumulus elongatus, but just my invention. It probably has something much more to the point. In any case looks like a nice day today and the sun is shining.

Otherwise I decided to go for a little wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon.


I mainly wanted to see what our national circus had to offer. The tent is quite big and occupies the main part of one of our spaces next to the town walls.


They also have a zoo with the animals needed for the performances. I could have paid to enter, but I visited the zoo last year and it seemed there was nothing new. The usual dromedaries and zebras and lots of horses.

Camel Dromedary 07.08 (3)

This photo was from last year. I am not really a circus fan and I am sure the animals would feel more at home in their own countries. They used to have lions, tigers and elephants, but no longer. It was no longer so popular to show their tricks in the circus ring. The circus have their own zoo on the lake of Zürich where they are based. I remember once whilst they were performing in Zürich two elephants escaped and took a walk along the Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. I think that was when the decision was made to keep them in the zoo.

Afterwards I moved on into town, but it was a lazy sunny day and people are still away on their various holidays. In the olden days when Mr. Swiss and I were still working these were the two weeks when we would also take a break and rent a house somewhere in the Bernese Overland, taking long walks during the day in the mountains and just generally enjoying life. Now we sit in the garden and watch the plants grow

When I returned from my wheelie in my chair yesterday I had a camera full of photos to upload and a few blogs to complete. I decided to sit outside on the porch with the computer. Forget it. I turned on the computer and absolutely no reception, dead as a doornail, internet was gone. No ipad or any other computer was working. I told Mr. Swiss. I was really annoyed. Not going into details (these things can happen when you find the wiring should be organised it seems), we called our computer man. It was Saturday early evening, but he is really a nice guy. It seems that by mistake a switch was off on the modem. I was not happy as the result was a stress evening instead of a pleasant relaxed one, but I got it all done eventually.


Whilst I was in town I noticed that our local police force had decided to take a ride on the river in their boat. They have two, and I supposed the police should also have their fun on Saturday.


I don’t know what they were looking for. Perhaps they found this group of floaters suspicious and decided to investigate.


I saw this groups of swans on my wheelie home along the bank. I have never seen so many together.  They were probably having a excursion.


This one seemed to be having a cleaning session.

It might be Sunday, but I still have a few things to sort. There is a little bit of ironing to do and a Sunday lunch to cook, although not such a big thing. I remember my mum always making a Sunday roast of some sort of meat for Sunday lunch with potatoes veg and now and again a Yorkshire pudding. Thank goodness that is one tradition that has disappeared over the years. She would start in the morning and we would eat about 2.00 p.m. All that cooking for 15 minutes eating time.

By the way I noticed that a few blogs here now had a sign on their page in red (for emphasis I assume) “Tygpress .com is not authorised to post content from this blog on their site”. Tygpress seems to be based in India and helping themselves to our work. Of course it is annoying, but Internet seems to be an invitation for these parasites. I remember for a while I was getting thousands of hits from the Philippines, so that was probably something similar. In the meanwhile I join in with not authorising my blog being used for Indian entertainment, but on the other hand they will be doing it all the same, whether I have this declaration in red or not.


So let’s move on, I have things to do and not sit on the computer all morning. Have a good Sunday everyone, it will soon be Monday again, the course of life I suppose. I can hear the church bells  ringing in our village so I suppose someone is now in action. I still have a shower in front of me an a general tidy up.