FOWC with Fandango: Repercussions


When the power station was built, it was the first. At last everyone had enough electricity for the factories, for the computers, for the household machines. They even had a day of the open door where the public could have a look.  They were told the steam coming out of the chimney was harmless. Fifty years later the chimney was still throwing up its steam but there was no-one left to admire it. There was no-one working in the power station. It had become quite independent. The population did not grow, they closed the schools as here were no more children. The people did not grow old and eventually there was no-one left.

FOWC with Fandango: Repercussions

RDP Thursday: Dinkum

The Swiss national sausage, the cervelat

These are cervelat. A genuine Swiss sausage. You can eat them cold or hot, but first of all you have to remove the skin. This is an older photo from 2008, but they still look the same. Today they consist of a mixture of beef,  bacon and pork rind.

My No. 2 son once worked in Belgium for a couple of years and what did he miss most of all, the Swiss cevelat of course. U das isch alles ig ha zu säge über dr cervelat. Mir schwyzer hai au user eigene Wörter. Excusez Fehler in Schwyzertütsch. It’s a dinkum sausage.

We Swiss even sing songs about our national sausage, what could be more dinkum than that.

RDP Thursday: Dinkum

Good Morning


Yesterday evening some clouds began to gather on the Jura mountains behind our village as though we were in for another downpour. However the weather behaved and it was a normal night with no disturbances, at least weatherwise.

I had to inject my MS medicine yeserday evening, which I do every second day. I was only telling my neurologist this week, the I no longer have any negative effects from the injection. At the beginning your body has to get used to it and you have chills now and again. A Dafalgan tablet helps and you can afterwards sleep with no problem. It can still happen, but my last time was more than a year ago. At least until yesterday evening.  Mr. Swiss had to bring me a tablet with some water. I was shaking so much I was not able to do it myself.  It was a real strong attack. Eventually I managed to get off to sleep but about 4 in the morning I had a second shiver attack. Mr. Swiss was sleeping and I managed to hold out for an hour until I had to wake him for help. The same procedure again and it was not pleasant. It is now morning and I forced myself to carry on as normal, although I was a bit shaky on my legs. And here I am at the computer in the kitchen with my breakfast again.

I actually did not want to write anything this morning, but here I am as usual.


I definitely did not take any photos this morning, but was busy with my camera outside in the evening, so at least I have a few photos. Today is the Swiss National Day, the day of fireworks and big bangs everywhere. We have a neighbour that likes to have his own firework demonstration and he performed yesterday, so that he could have the whole display to himself. I heard the bangs and explosions from my bedroom, it was so annoying. Luckily my cat had already made herself comfotable on the settee and was sound asleep.

Today is the big day when everyone celebrates, but I no longer go into town to see it all. I might take a wheelie in my chair this afternoon to see if there is anything happening in town. The National Swiss circus arrived yesterday and began to erect their tent so there might be something worth seeing, although they no longer have any lions, tigers and elefants, but more horses and zebras-

Circus Knie 06.08 (12)

This is a photo from last year’s visit.

And now I am off to try to lead a normal daily life. I hope to feel a bit better as the day goes on. How I hate these little interruptions to my daily routine.


At least my kalanchoe is bearing up outside.