RDP Sunday: Excursion


“Pack the bags, we are leaving now.”

“Stop panicking, we are going nowhere.+

“I tell you we have to leave. They have landed in a big green sphere. I saw them put the periscope out at the top. I took a photo.”

“Looks like a gas holder to me.”

“You see, they are planning to gas us as well.”

“Just calm down, that building has been there for years.”

“I heard noises as I walked past. I am sure it is an invasion from another planet.

Jack found Mary was exaggerating. There were gas holders everywhere, although now a bit old fashioned. They had been there for at least 1,000 years, although Jack thought they were always there, all with labels advertising natural gas, which of course was a camouflage.

1,000 years was actually the incubation time for a Gronk, from planet Gronkle on the other side of the milky way and now they were ready. That night the sphere began to glow with a green fluorescence. The local fire service were called out and they turned on the hoses , but to no avail. By now the heat was at its height and the water had the effect of exploding the sphere.

The gronks emerged, thousands of them.  Jack and Mary, like the remainder of the Earth people, did not live to see the next day and the Gronks had returned. The fruit of their excursion 1,000 years before had ripened. There are always exceptions of course. 1,000 years before a few Gronks were left on the earth to prepare for their arrival after the first invasion left and now they were organising. The earth was now inhabited by a carrot coloured hair population.

RDP Sunday: Excursion

Good Morning


It’s a misty one this morning, but the sun is just thinking about arriving, so I think it will be a good day. Yesterday did not begin so well, but I surprised myself with everything I completed. I like my Saturdays to  be shopping free and have enough time perhaps for a wheelie in my chair in the afternoon, but already on Friday I realised that I had not shopped for everything and my Monday lunch was missing, although I could have got something together. Then on Saturday morning Mr. Swiss realised that one of his tablets was missing. His doctor has now given him a repeat prescription for everything, she is on holiday. The chemist is in the same area as the supermarket, so I decided to combine the two. I was not happy about going anywhere on Saturday morning as I had other quests to fulfil at home, but under a cloud of small harmless profanities I took the plunge and saddled the car. Actually I must admit I quite enjoyed my little excursion. I also organised the various medicines that Mr. Swiss needs to see what they stock and what we should order in advance and left the perscription with the chemist. I can then organuse it in future by phone. After completing that part of the chore I moved on to the supermarket. The assistants were all surprised to see Mrs. Angloswiss on Saturday morning, but I completed my shopping for Monday lunch and arrived home in time to start cooking dinner. I filled in the time until eating with catching up on hoovering etc. and I managed it all in time. I had my lunchtime sleep and afterwards I was on my way to town.


A children’s day had been organised in the old moat of the town walls so I decided to have a look. There was a large slide for the kids.


All sorts of attractions had been constructed and I was glad to see that it was not overrun with kids everywhere and I had some space.


There was also one of those bronco busting apparatus. I decided that there was not really a lot of action and left the kids to it and wheeled on through the town gates. I did not really want to stay very long, but I saw another small tent on the other side of the river where someone was standing at a podium with a microphone. I seems it was a break dance afternoon and one after the other demonstrated his body contortions to the background of quite heavy loud beat music. Not the sort of tune you could hum to, but a good opportunity for something completely different for the camera. I had difficulty finding a good place for photos, but eventually found one and yes, I eventually took 70 photos, making a grand total on the camera with other objects of 150 photos.


As you can see it was quite popular and I suppose I was the oldest spectator.


I must admire the mobility of the youngers.


And their dedication. Eventually I moved on home. Yesterday I had the one word subject of the Fandango challenge “tattoo” and I certainly managed to find some tattoos in this group.

I was really surprised at myself yesterday. I got home, baked a meat pie for the evening meal which we ate cold outside on the porch on a wonderful late summer evening and I even began to upload my photos, not really even hoping to finish it yesterday. Eventually I retired to bed tired but very happy. My photos were all on the computer, I had hung up my laundry to dry overnight and everything was under control. I even managed to fit in my two daily MS injection. It is all part of my new keep fit programme I think. Mr. Swiss now keeps me on my feet with his various needs and I notice that a little more action is not so bad. I think the effect is more psychological than physical. I still hobble around with my funny movements, but I feel a little more confident. Ok, I know, the danger of a fall is always hovering in the background, but I think that is something that most golden oldies worry about.

I am not sure about today’s programme, but I just might go somewhere this afternoon.


The Jura mountains were really looking good on my trip into town yesterday: blue skies, a few fluffy clouds and pleasant weather to go with it.