FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece


I once wrote a book, actually not exactly. I had been writing blogs for some time. I was then about 15 years younger and I was at home convalescing from some sort of problem. I was bored as I usually am when I do nothing. To occupy myself I decided to write a book, have something in print. I did it in self-publishing as I was sure that no company in their right mind would publish it. A masterpiece it was not, just a collection of some short stories I had written. It was even available in Amazon for a while, but I just had a check and it is no longer there.

My Book
I had it published by a German book editing company and over the years I believe I had even sold 2 copies. I was not in it for fame or fortune, but just to have something in print. I still have a couple of copies at home.

This was a so-called one off for me. Having a book published, I discovered, is not so easy. I read each story many times to make sure there were no mistakes, but I am sure there were some that slipped through.

I did not get a Nobel of Pulitzer prize. Our local book shop in town took a couple of copies and I even had them sold, but by a couple of friends I knew.


FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece

RDP Saturday: Enthusiasm


These reeds settled in my garden two years ago, probably stray seeds from a neighbour. I decided to keep them and now they are the first signs of goodbye Summer, hello Autumn developing throughout the year. My actual enthusiasm is restricted to rising from the bed every morning with no added complications. I take it one at a time. I accept what happens and try to make the best out of it.

Summer is now saying a slow goodbye.


My last roses arrived as a pleasant suprise a couple of weeks ago and already they have wilted and are ready to leave the bush.


But there is always something to compensate and this morning I discovered these buds on another rose bush, on the last day of August, so it seems I will have a little added enthusiasm to see them open.

This is the positive side of enthusiasm. However, our local stores are also enthusiastic and although it is not really full Autumn yet, they are already preparing to increase the turnover.

Pumpkin Hotal H4 03.11.2018

Seeing something like this in the supermarket  yesterday made me think. Do we really already have to celebrate halloween end August, beginning September. Can we not wait until the time is ready when Autumn winds arrive and the leaves begin to fall. Switzerland is not even a country where halloween is a big celebration, although some time in October the kids have a procession with their carved pumpkins containing candles to light their way.


It goes further in the food department and you can already buy chestnuts prepared in a caramel sauce: an Autumn food delight.


And let us not forget the cranberries to garnish it all with a touch of fruit.

I am convinced that at the end of September we will already have the Christmas tent outside the supermarket filled with decorations and plastic Christmas trees.  Being enthusiastic is one thing, but you can overdo it.

Christmas Ornaments

RDP Saturday: Enthusiasm

Good Morning


Not this morning, as again we have a cloudless morning. During the day the clouds gather a little, so this is from the afternoon. We are really getting perfect weather at the moment. It is quite warm, but not unpleasant and as long as I can have a few windows open for air circulation I am happy. No air conditioner here, just a fresh breeze now and again.


On my morning observations in the garden I noticed that my calla is still flowering. I have two pots, and one has refused to show a flower this year, but the other is. The funny thing with this plant is that when I bought it, it was with orange flowers. As the years passed the orange faded into yellow and so it stayed for about 8-9 years. However, this year it has remembered its original colour, and now I am getting orange flowers again. Nature plays her tricks now and again.


This kalanchoe is also doing well. I bought it in late Spring, when it had flower buds. They began to open straight away and is still flowering. I never really have to give it any water and it is still going strong.

Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment. They have music days in our local town yesterday and today, meaning that various bands are playing in various places. Yesterday evening it began and we could hear the music quite well in our village. It seems to carry in the summer evenings. However, when I retired to bed it had stopped. Today it goes further and this afternoon I plan a trip into town to see what I find. During the holiday months our town is dead matter, but afterwards it awakes again and there are all sorts of events. Next week we have the milk days, when one of the squares is populated by cows and afterwards it will be Autumn fair time again


I have a wonderful show of black-eyed susans in my garden at the moment, this is just one of the four plants I have.


And imagine the surprise when I saw this rose bush was blooming again for the second time since June. In June it had quite a few flowers, but we had such dry hot heat that many many flowers only managed to open the buds for a few days and they they were just burnt by the sun and dried up. As if to compensate this rose is developing a second show. I really like the deep red colours of roses, so will be keeping this one under observation.

And now to move on. Although it is Saturday, I still like to have my little daily organisation. I even enjoy my little bit of housework and cooking. I hope you all have a good week-end and those that must work, it will soon be Monday again.


I leave you with my orchids. I bought a new one, the one that looks like it has an attack of violet measles. Generally the orchids are sold with two flower stalks, but currently they have on special offer with three flower stalks, so I should be getting a lot of flowers from that one. Also a very worthwhile plant. They are reasonable in price and show their flowers for at least 2-3 months.  If you are lucky they will flower again later, although mine never do.