FOWC with Fandango: Churlish


The daily trip to the supermarket, just took too long.

“Can I help you?”

“I will take some pork chops.”

“Just a minute I was here before you.”

“But I have no time, I have to catch a train.”

“Then you will have to miss your train, it is my turn now.”

“Ladies calm down, you will both get served eventually.”

“But not before she does. So give me my pork chops.”

“It is not her turn, put those pork chops back. I want three steaks please.”

“I was here first and stop pushing me with your trolley.”

“If you were not being so insolent and jumping the queue I would not have to push you on one side with my trolley. So give me those steaks and do not cut them too thick.”

“Of course she doesn’t want them thick, would probably be too expensive for her.  You can cut my pork chop in a nice big size. Ouch, that hurt, stop pushing.”

“Then stop getting in the way. Cut my steaks so that I can go. No, just a moment, give me that steak knife.”

“That is property of the store.”

“And now it is my property. I have a better purpose for that knife.*

“And I have my walking stick.”

“Hello is that the police. Please come quickly I have  problem in the supermarket. A lady is attacking another lady with a steak knife and the other lady has just knocked her on the head with her walking stick. And please call the ambulance as well. There seems to be some blood involved somewhere, although I am not sure if it is caused by the steak she just bought or an injury inflicted by the knife.”

Let this be a lesson, never jump the queue at the butchers counter.

FOWC with Fandango: Churlish

RDP Friday: Emergency


I am confronted with emergencies daily, one of the reasons why I am still wide awake and ready to go. For example today’s lunch. Being a golden oldie housewife, I have nothing better to do that to time everything carefully. No. 1 son comes home for lunch around 12.30 and I like it to be ready and finished with the cooking.

I decided to cook one of these vegetables today. They have had them in the local store all week, and the time is coming for pumpkin and marrow eating. I do not know what you call these, but marrow is marrow so what difference does it make and it was too small to change into a Cinderella coach, so it was definitely not a pumpkin.

I got a delivery of cat food in the meanwhile by post which took about 20 minutes to unpack and sort out, but I still had time to cook my marrow, I thought. The first job was to cut it in half and removed the inside pits and whatever. I tried to cut it with a serrated bread knife, then I moved on to  a butchers knife and eventually used a smaller serrated knife which eventually worked. The outside skin was so hard I was debating whether I might need an automatic jigsaw to cut through it.


That was the first part of the operation, which took at least 15 minutes. The next part was to cut away the orange outside of the vegetable. This also proved to be a tough job. With one eye on the clock and the other on the knife in my hand I eventually managed to remove the outside skin. I then had to chop the whole creation into eatable pieces, debating whether it might have been easier to use an axe. At 11.50 I had completed the job and hoped that it would be cooked by lunch time. This had really developed into an emergency cook-in.

I heated up some butter and put the pieces into the pan,  stirred it around, added some spice and put the lid on it all. Five minutes later I did a test and discovered it was completely soft and almost ready to eat. What a surprise that was. I then had to be careful not to overcook it. 

And so at lunch time the meal was ready, with some frites and hamburger. I found this emergency gourd OK, Mr. Swiss found it should have more bite and son No. 1 eats everything, if it is not green.

RDP Friday: Emergency

Good Morning


Sorry, but I cannot do better than this for the good morning hello. We only have pure blue skies, but if you strain your eyes you can see a plane flying overhead, much too high for my telephone camera. I could have taken a photo with my Nikon.


With the zoom lens it would have looked something like this. Often they do not even take off from a Swiss Airport, but are just transit over Switzerland flying to the warmer countries in Europe, such as Spain or Italy. Switzerland is so small, you do not even notice that it is below when flying, except for the alps of course, They always show up from the plane window.

In the meanwhile I have returned for the time being with a good morning greeting. I spent the last two mornings with Mr. Swiss taking him to the clinic for his second eye operation. It went well and I could pick him up after the operation after about 1-1/2 hours. The actual operation takes only about 20 minutes, but it needs preparations before and after. Everything went OK and I had to take him again a day later for an inspection. We now have it almost behind us, just one morning next week for an inspection of the operated eye of this week and then back to normal life. He will probably have to report again in a month to see how it is all progressing and begin to think about a new pair of eye glasses with a new focus. He is quite satisfied and now has better sight in both eyes. The miracle of modern surgery.


Otherwise life continues as usual. Cooking, cleaning and shopping seem to be the main part of my existence, and now that my “me” time is back, I will probably try to enjoy the perfect weather we have for late Summer by taking a few wheelies in my chair. In the garden there is quite a bit of action and the bees seem to be busy with my flowering sedum. There is a continuous buzzy coming and going on the flower heads. However not all insects are what you wish for.

Yesterday evening just as I was thinking about hugging the bed I saw something clinging to the wall. Mr. Swiss had already retired, so it was me alone. It was quite a big something with 8 legs. My first reaction was to get my camera, but it had chosen the darkest place and the results were not so good. I was sure it would still be around this morning for a photo and it was. As I was emptying my cat’s recycling box it was scuttering around inside. Naturally I was a little shocked and uttered a cry which even Mr. Swiss heard from the bedroom.


And here it is. It escaped to the shower and I found it next to the shower carpet. This time I switched on the light to get it in its full glory. It has quite hairy legs and a nicely developed body, and I am hoping it has found a more comfortable place when I take my shower after writing. We get these big spiders now and again and they used to live in the crack on the step outside to the garden. Since they renovated everything here, there is no longer a crack and so they are a little homeless.  I do not mind spiders in the right place, but my apartment is certainly not where it should be.

And now I should move my butt to something more worthwhile I suppose, although sitting at the computer with my breakfast is also quite good. I have week-end shopping to do this afternoon and a little bit of housework.

Have a good Friday wherever you are in the world and make the most of it. I discovered a new plant in my garden this morning. It seems to be a coreopsis flower  that has began to show its colour. I must say when my lady gardener planted my flowerbeds, she really had a few surprises in her shovels and hoes.