FOWC with Fandango: Tattoo


This is you reporter calling in from Solothurn in Switzerland. Where? Yes well, it is a small market town, but we also have our fun now and again. This afternoon I stumbled on a breakdance demonstration in town. It was a little difficult to get a good view, as not everyone makes room for a wheelchair, but I persevered with a total of 100 photos eventually.

The beat of the music was thumping away and the dancers were forcing their bodies into impossible contortion, but this is about tattoos. If you get a collection of breakdancers there is bound to be a collection of tattoos. Unfortunately people are not so keen on having their tattoos photographed, but being an expert paparazzi I managed to find two standing in front of me and my telephone camera makes no noise when being used.


I am not sure who the young man was promising his eternal love, but he combined it with a rose.


And then we have this design. I am not sure what it is, but even tattoo artists have their surrealists amongst them.

It is not often I stumble on a group of break dancers in our town and also have the luck to stand behind two tattooed arms. I was just uploading this and saw that even the dancer has a tatooed arm in the first photo.

FOWC with Fandango: Tattoo

RDP Saturday: Charisma


“Hello, I am Mike. do you need advice. Just press this button (on the screen it says press here) and I will find someone that is free to help you”.

Does Mike have charisma? I am not sure. It was in the household goods department of the store, where I was buying something. I did need help, but I only saw Mike after I had already found an assistant. In any case he is always ready to help at all times, just press the button. I would have loved to have tried it out to see actually how charismatic his efforts would have been to help.

RDP Saturday: Charisma

Good Morning


A daring photo of me in the morning taking one of my morning photos opposite the window to my living room. The sky is a bit boring this morning, grey in grey, but it will get better. I am sure the neighbours wonder what I am doing with my phone camera first thing in the morning outside, stil in nightdress. My first job is to open the blinds in the apartment and then fill the cat’s outside bowl with fresh water. Then I am ready to go. My photos upload automatically from the camera onto the computer, so I just have to do a little work on them, but not very much.


On of the photos I captured this morning was my apple tree. It looks like it will be a medium harvest this year. Last year I had more than 200 apples, but that was a record year. They are not quite ripe, but by end of September they should be ready to eat.

The squeamish should now perhaps look away and miss this photo.


I was outside yesterday evening, naurally with my camera, and this was what I saw creeping around the garden stones. Not just one or two slugs, but a complete army and in all colours, shapes and sizes, 50 shades of brown. I have given up hunting them, the damage is done and they are really hosta addicts. I was too late with the slug pellets this year, but next year I will be prepared. They are taking over, it is worst that the attack of the Triffids. It seems to be guerrilla warfare.


Thank goodness my other garden is slug free. The gardener and I planned plants that are not so appetising for the little brown slimy objects. My rudbeckia are flowering profusely  (a good word) and there are more to come. Something like the grand finale before Autumn arrives.

Yesterday I completed the week-end shopping and forgot to include Monday lunchtime. I am not going shopping on Saturday afternoon and have managed to collect some bits and pieces for Monday lunch. I have pasta in the cupboard, plenty of it, and with a tomato sauce and some fried ham it should do the trick – I hope. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss tells me he has some tablets he needs which is another problem. His doctor is on holiday and left him with a comprehensive prescription for everything. The chemist does no stock everything, but has it within a day. I often organise my own medication for my diabetes in that way, but Mr. Swiss has other tablets. I will do my best to organise it but I told him it will only be Monday when it is available. I was really looking forward to a wheelie in my chair this afternoon to town and nothing is going to stop me.

They are now building the area for our Autumn fair, which happens in September and there is also some sort of children’s park that I want to have a look at. I was planning on going this afternoon and nothing is going to stop me. I have been hopping around all last week with Mr. Swiss eye operation and there will be a repeat performance next week. Now and again I like to look after myself.

And now to continue, as I have a few things to do at home. Cannot sit on the computer all morning. If really necessary I could squeeze a few minutes in this morning for a shopping trip, but not this afternoon.


I must now really go, so have a good Saturday, no stress (like mine) and enjoy the day.