FOWC with Fandango: Advocate

Poster Cow Horns 08.11.2018

Bessie and Greta wanted to keep their horns. They were only calves, but when they saw the vet approaching with the burning irons to remove them, they kicked out with their hind legs and ran for it. It was then that farmer Jones began to think. “My cows want to keep their horns”. It was quite obvious after he got the doctor’s bill from the vet for injuries inflicted by a calf. And so he decided that not only Bessie and Greta should keep their horns, but all the other cows in the country.

He began to collect signatures and got the allowed amount to bring it to the vote. At last it would be official if accepted. The cows in his country would be able to walk around with their horned heads held hight. There were protests that horns were dangerous and that more room would be needed in the cow sheds, but farmer Jones continued and there was a vote. He had dreams of happy cows with horns on the pastures.

It happened something like this, I remember it well. The poster was shown everywhere and on 25th November 2018 the Swiss people could vote “Ja” to let the cows keep their horns. I was one of the voters that said Yes, I wanted my cows to let their horns grow. However, money speaks all languages and the building of larger barns would be more expensive and the danger of accidents with the horns was a middle point and the result was “Nein”. And so the Swiss cows are still hornless: not all of them, but most of them. I did find a few cows in our village whose farmer allowed them to keep their horns.

Cows 17.10 (7)

FOWC with Fandango: Advocate

RDP Monday: Serene

River Aar 30.10 (1)

Sitting at the screen
I was searching for serene
There were places where I’d been
On my journey all between
Some photos were in green
And others had a sheen
I then began to sleep, feeling like a queen
Time to wake up and then I had a clean
But here is one more photo to put you in the scene
Just close your eyes and dream and drift into serene

View of River Aar towards Solothurn

RDP Monday: Serene

Good Morning


After a thunderous night things have calmed down and there are just a few clouds hovering above. It rained most of the night and  I heard the storm in the background, but nothing serious. I had already put my plants in shelter, so no damage done. As usual it was not half as bad as the weather gods prophesied.


Of course the wet weather was again an attraction for our garden livestock, but I now leave them to it.

It was a quiet Sunday yesterday. I decided to relax and stay at home. It was a pleasant afternoon and I was outside on the porch. Funny, even if you are retired, Sundays are still Sundays. I am not a church goer and religion is definitely not my thing, but to the background of church bells and more peace and quiet, you realise that there is no stress anywhere.


I noticed the horses in the field next door are also outside again. We see few animals during the hot days of summer as the farmers tend to keep them inside during the day and let them out at night when it is cooler. I have not seen a cow for a few months, they are doing the night shift when it is cooler.

This week is going to be a bit of a stress week and I am not sure how and when I will be here. Just to let you know, Mr. Swiss has his first eye operation on Wednesday for his cataract. These ops have become quite routine over the years, just a “simple” procedure to replace the lens, that takes about half an hour. The preparations before and after take more time. I will have to bring him to the clinic, about 10 minutes away by car, and pick him up after the operation. In between I will have to fit in a bit of housework and cooking for lunch at home and I am not sure if I will be here for a good morning hello. I might programme it the evening before.  Wednesday afternoon I will be shopping and I have a similar procedure on Thursday when the bandage is removed from the eye. We will have a repeat performance in two weeks for the second eye, so it looks like a bit of stress. However, everything passes, and we hope for the best. The operation has become quite a routine over the years and we know many people that have had it. I might be having the same in a year or two according to how my eyes develop, but at the moment they are OK, although the left eye has its beginnings it seems, according to the eye doctor.


So let’s have something to brighten up the day. My carnations have not quite given up and still throw up a flower now and again. This one with a background of my savoury herb flowers.

And now I must go, there are things to do and places to visit, such as the shower and apartment cleaning. Let us hope we all have a good beginning to the week with no complications.