Good Morning

A good clear fresh morning. I have been dithering around with this and that and time has been flyng, but i am not going anywhere or doing anything special so who cares. I also make an inspection of the garden in the morning and noticed the sound of machines from the direction of the garden, so I had a look

And there it was, digging and making a hole in the ground. About a year ago we had the poles buried in the ground and showing the shape of yet another new block of apartments and now today is the day of the first excavation and we will probably be confronted with building noises, dirt and lorry movements for at least the next year. Eventually there will be a new building blocking yet more of the surroundings. I wonder how the crow colony will manage with it all as it borders on their trees.

Another little excitement yesterday was when Mr. Swiss called me to tell me that our master spider was again taking a walk on the ceiling and knew I would love the opportunity of a photo. However it was hanging near the ceiling so my phone camera did not focus so well, but here it is. No worry it is not poisonous and usually hides somewhere in a dark place. I have no idea where it has made its home, but what I do not know does not worry me so much. I think it just likes to have a change of scenery now and again.

The bees are making themselves comfortable on my sedum outside. Some plants attract them more than others.

By the way I saw with deepest regret that Charlie Watts, the Stones drummer, has passed away at the age of 80. I could not just let that go without a mention. He was one of my favourites in the group and also had his own jazz quintett..

At the moment I am hearing tributes to him all over internet, but rarely do they play his jazz music. I found this one of youtube.

I will now move on to my usual daily tasks and wish you all a good day. I have a spaghetti dinner to cook- Thursday for an unknown reason is spaghetti day.