Flower of the Day: 29.10.2017 Buddleia

Buddleia 30.07 (2)

I love these bushes, also known as butterfly bushes for obvious reasons. If you want butterflies in the garden, then plant a few of these and you will be sure of your butterflies. Since I have had my own garden, almost 20 years, I have had them in the garden in all colours. Now I only have two, a blue one in the back yard and a pink delight in the front yard, but there are always butterflies.

Flower of the Day: 29.10.2017 Buddleia

Flower of the Day: 30.09.2017 Buddleia

Buddleia 16.07.2017

This is my pink delight buddleia in the garden. I chose this one because it remains quite bushy and always has a wonderful show of flowers. I once read an article about buddleia and it seems all the various plants have their own specialities according to the colours. This one makes a wonderful show every year and of course attracts many butterflies.

Flower of the Day: 30.09.2017 Buddleia

Flower of the Day: 01.10.2016 Buddleia

Budleia 30.09.2016

There are still a few  flowers on the bush, but no longer as many as there were. Mostly the dried heads of the flowers which might bear a few seeds. Now and again a new bush begins to grow in the garden. The butterflies are now very scarce, but sometimes a cabbage white might arrive for the last meal of the season.

Cabbage White Butterfly 26.09 (3)

Flower of the Day: 01.10.2016 Buddleia