Good Morning

I really do not have a lot to say this morning. The weather is pleasant, somewhat cooler but I am glad, and clouds disappear during the day with no threat of rain. Yesterday was a Monday a home with nothing special. I baked a bread for the evening. Today my cleaning lady is here so I am letting her get on with it. I feel a little superfluous at the moment as I really have nothing to do. I have already cleaned through the apartment and the windows are clean enough.

The only bit of action I have seems to be Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, who always calls in for a treat and sometimes even stays awhile for a catnap.

I thought we might have some rain during the night.

Even the sunset said no and was reflecting the sun’s glow, before it entirely disappeared.

Today I will definitely be going into town. I want to see how our local large store now looks since they have finished renovating the front and transferring the hotel next door into apartments. It should now be much easier for me to access the store without the building paraphernalia blocking the entrance. I have a few items to purchase.

The bees are still hanging around in the garden making the most of the flowers.

And that is really all I have to say today. Life is just a little quiet at the moment. I am now off to begin preparations for dinner and potter aound in the garden. Have a good day everyone and take care.