Good Morning

Looks like we will be having a good sunny day today, at least that is what the Swiss weather has forecast and it will continue over the week-end although Sunday will have a few storms mixed in. Summer is not yet past and somehow I have a feeling that Autumn is getting ready to knock at the door.

I had a new visitor in the garden yesterday.

It even has a name, the six spot burnet, a type of moth it seems, although I had never heard of it. I had also never seen it before, but according to Internet they are very common in Europe in the summer months. It was sitting on my buddleia flower in a high place, impossible for a photo. I decided to try to bend the flower to eye level and six spot burnet still sat there and let me do it, so I managed to get a full photo. At least it was something completely different and I hope to see a few more in the garden. They do not seem to be destructive and live in the plant world with its nectar supplies – I hope.

I notied that my spider is still hanging around in his web over the table on the porch. He is just a normal garden spider and not dangerous to humans and digesting any other small insects, especially flies, that might fly into the web, so I do not mind. Mr. Swiss told me that he has noticed one of those mega spiders in the kitchen when daylight breaks in the morning (I am then still hugging the bed). I asked him if he took a photo, but naturally not. He is not the type to take photos of new arrivals.

The bees are naturally still here and now have a new source of nectar. My large sedum has now began to open its buds and that is No. 1 favourite on the bee hit list. The other plants are now losing their flowers slowly, but the sedum is one of the last, so there will still be bee visits until September.

We have our second collection of unwanted objects next Tuesday so I will be busy with No. 1 son sorting what will be thrown out and I have a few things. It must be an age thing that I am now reducing the ballast I have collected over the years that I no longer need. I began to throw away articles in the normal large plastic bags some time ago and have reduced my store considerably. My hobby room now resembles a room and not a crowded rubbish dump. Monday is the day for collection of furniture and unwanted objects and Tuesday is reserved for metal articles. Afterwards I am left with my electronics which will be removed to the central tipping ground for such items. by a colleague.

Today I have a few groceries to fetch, but not so much and I will only go to the local store and not into town which will not be necessary.

The week-end is yet upon us almost and I wish you all a good one. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, just turned up for a few cat treats as usual. He waits patiently in front of the window as always.