RDP Tuesday: Honeybee

I called the bees together and told them I want a photo of the biggest in the group. It was then when a bee pushed its way to the front, you heard him coming before you saw him. He said he was the boss of the group and was responsible for the organisation of the honey collections. I decided to give him the job – he also had the biggest sting, so I decided it was better to let him have the job.

Although I found this one was more attactive.

RDP Tuesday: Honeybee

Good Morning

This is really a quickie this morning. The cleaning lady has been and gone, but she helped me a lot by clearing out some cupboards in my basement room. Now I know what I have in the style of electronic goods to dispose of when our colleague comes to take them to the depot. I am so glad, but it took time, so I should cut this short.

Roschti, the neighbour’s cat also paid a visit and explored the kitchen, but I think it was just out of curiosity.

I even managed to clean up a few windows this morning and dinner is also cooking.

Yesterday I managed to capture an interesting plane that was on a fly past and otherwise it was a day at home.

I must now go as it will soon be lunch time and am leaving you with yesterday’s sunset. Have a good day everyone, I will be off in town this afternoon – a woman’s work is never done it seems.