Good Morning

Looks like another sunny day today. It is gradually getting warmer and looking more like summer.

My first action in the morning is to take a walk around the garden to see if anything is happening and I spotted this snail on his way. He/she was in my raised bed so already had quite a climb behind him/her, let us just call it it as they have a bit of both it seems. Main thing is the have children, lots of them especially if the weather is wet.

Another chore in the morning is to listen to the radio – usually our national Swiss station, our local version, as you get all the news of the day. Some is international and some local. This morning a motorist had called in about the new system in one of the larger garages in the capital town of Bern. There is a new system and when you enter you no longer have to pay for a ticket, your car number is automatically read into a machine. It is registered and when you leave you can pay and go. Unfortunately this motorist had problems. After enquiring he was told by the authorities that his car number plate was the wrong shape and he should organise a new one (cost 70 Swiss francs?). It also happens that the number plates are too dirty to be read. I think I am glad I no longer drive. Another one of our brilliant ideas.

I noticed my apple trees seem to be having a good harvest this year.

I have not seen so many apples for a few years. It looks like the weather had one advantage and our apple harvest has thrived.

I am now off for some housewify chores and there will be a bread to bake at some time. Keep safe, may it be a good week. See you later.