RDP Saturday: Inspired Carpet

This carpet must have inspired Mr. Swiss as he uses it for parking his drums on it. He was a jazz drummer for many years as a hobby, but the golden oldie years have now taken their toll on his back. He still manages to sit in now and again on a session, but perhaps when you reach the age of 82 you prefer to listen and go with the rhythm more than actually going into action. He still has two sets of drums and they are parked in our basement hobby room, so now and again if he is tempted he will still beat to the rhythm. Why the carpet? If you hammer away on the the floor the drums might begin to slip away.

RDP Saturday: Inspired Carpet

Good Morning

It looks quite promising, but let us not be fooled. Today rain and storm is prophesised and it will become a very wet day. However, let us make the most of it whilst it lasts.

Yesterday I escaped into town and noticed that most of the local population had the same idea. There was still enough room for everyone and it was almost like the good old days before Covid took over our lives. Let us not be convinced that Covid has gone, but it seems that the majority of victims are those that necessarily must go to other countries for a holiday and bring the virus home with them – seems to have become a new holiday souvenir. Although let us not be under a false impression, Covid still hovers around in our own country. The Swiss radio tells me today that almost 50% of our population have now been vaccinnated. I am glad to say that our family is part of the almost 50%.

On my way to town the first sight, as always, was the local Jura chain of mountains. I took my customary photo. The sky always shows the mood of the day. The farmer has reaped the field of wheat and the maize is growing high. That is one of the last plants to be harvested as they need time to set on the corn heads. It is not the maize you can eat as corn on the cob, but the maize reserved for animal consumption.

The usual pigeon crowd were inspecting the ground to see if any human relicts were there for food. This time they seemed to be out of luck.

I eventually reached the store and did my shopping. This time I had to make a list as there were a few items I needed. I will be glad when the building work is is finished next to the store. They are converting a hotel, which no longer is a hotel, into an apartment block since a year. It is now on the finishing stages, but it shares the ground floor with the entrance to the store which is not so good for parking my scooter at the entrance. Yesterday they had shifted the selection of plants onto the parking space. There was still room for my scooter, but due to other bikes being parked there It was getting quite cramped. However when I left the store many bikes had disappeared so thanks to detailed manoeuvres I managed to depart without an accident, only to meet a van parked on the pavement. I also managed that obstacle by crossing the road. If only people would realise the problems they can cause for others.

I decided it was time to go home. I still have a few unfinished chores at home and wanted to upload a few photos. I still had half of the ironing to do and a few items to take to the storage of my laundry room which has become an extension of my kitchen. It is very cool in that room and ideal for storing dry goods. I also have my deep freezer there.

I have now placed an experimental advertisement on Facebook as I have a few items I no longer need. The first thing that Facebook did was to tell me if I pay a few francs – to them – my advertisement will be seen by more people and I will have more success in selling them. It seems everyone wants to earn money from your intentions today. Naturally I ignored this invitation. I decided to begin with something simple. I have two cat transport cages I no longer need, in very good condition. I took the photo and asked for ten Swiss francs. Facebook tells me daily how many people look at the advertisement, but up to now no customers. The ten Swiss francs was only a nominal value for me. I have now reduced it to Five Swiss francs. It seems that the Facebook market place is full of articles nobody really wants. As said, no rush, and I will leave them there and see what happens.

Today there is nothing out of the ordinary planned. I have my orchids to water and the usual cleaning and cooking sessions, but no rush. Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the week-end.