Good Morning

Now that’s a pretty morning sky, dotted with clouds. It was worth taking a walk in the garden after I stopped hugging the bed. Today will be a good Summer day according to the weather report. I even met No. 1 son in the kitchen having breakfast. He decided take a trip to Zürich today so he was off to an early start. It has been a long while since he went anywhere, but armed with his mask he has now departed to the station. We are about an hour away from Zürich by train and it makes a good excursion for the day. In the past Mr. Swiss and I would take the day off to go to Zürich, just window shopping and buying a few treats that we cannot get in our little country town. Unfortunately those days are now past, since our mobility has diminished.

It seems the eggs are now hatching from the slugs and this is one of the babies sliming its way across my garden plants searching for a nice damp place somewhere below. I noticed the best time for slug spotting is in the early morning hours.

I was lucky enough to have a butterfly visit yesterday and she even stayed awhile for a photo. At the moment we seem to be getting visits only from the tortoiseshell butterflies.

I made a trip to the local supermarket yesterday afternoon. It is just along the road and I always pass this local church.

I decided to make a Swiss cheese flan for the evening meal and got some rolled out pastry for it. I was making my own pastry for a while but I discovered that making it with butter it was too rich and the ready pastry is just as good and less work. I am also saving work for tonight with the pizza and bought ready made. No. 1 son likes pizza with tuna, and you can only get them in the store as they are frozen. During the week I do not mind making them myself, but I like to relax at the week-end with everyone else. I have discovered that spoiling the family with gourmet meals is sometimes not really necessary. No. 1 son eats everything and Mr. Swiss no longer has such an appetite. Sometimes I think I enjoy making my own just for me. Today’s lunch is just Mr. Swiss and I.

For a while I began to go to bed earlier, but have now realised it brings nothing. You lay in bed waiting for sleep to overcome you and I had more stress making sure I got to bed. Now I take my time. Actually I was missing a few of my favourite TV programmes. On Friday evening “Gardeners World” is on the BBC TV and I really like that. An hour seeing what the gardens are is doing with a few interesting events. Yesterday Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles wife was on it talking about her gardening efforts. They showed Highgrove where Prince Charles and Camilla have their country residence and a wonderful natural meadow of flowers. Now and again Camilla might potter around in the garden, but of course they have their own gardeners for getting hands dirty. I am not a 100% lover of the royal family, but sometimes it can be interesting seeing how the others live.

I was then going to bed but a Top of the Pops programme (rock music classics) was on the TV and it brought a few memories back of the old hit music.

And now I will wander on to the daily housewife chores, although today is really a relaxed day. It really makes a change when there are only two people at home, although No. 1 son is really no problem and is a good help at home. Have a good Saturday everyone, take it easy and no stress. Yesterday evening as I was preparing to close down I took a look a look outside and noticed we had a full moon, at least I think it was. It was completely yellow, perhaps still reflecting the sun as it was sinking below the horizon.

I am not very good at moon photos and this one was taken with my phone camera.