RDP Monday: Luminosity

I have many sunrises and sunsets showing the liminous side of life, but then I discovered this photo in my archives. It is the cathedral in our local town of Solothurn and it seems I had taken the photo just at the right time to capture the sun illuminating the roof and golden lettering over the entrance to the cathedral. The cathedral is at the end of the main street in the town so everything else was in the shade.

RDP Monday: Luminosity

Good Morning

This seems to show the day ahead with rain and sunny spells in between, but it is much cooler, a drop of 10° C down to 22° C and I am not unhappy. It is much fresher outside with a nice breeze to go with it.

Yesterday we had a visit from No. 2 son and his family so it was a very good day. How quickly the grandchildren are growing. They are now talking in their various dialects. Switzerland is a country of dialects and every region, sometimes village even, has its own words and pronounciation. My daughter-in-law is from Germany and speaks high German (although she also has a dialect from the area where she originates), My son speaks our Solothurn German, and the family are now living in Kanton Schaffhausen so the kids are growing up surrounded by Schaffhausen German, although also speaking under the influence of their mum and dad.

Our first visitor this morning was one of the neighbour’s cats. I naturally organised a few snacks for her, but she stayed where she was, keeping an eye on me hiding behind the wheelchair outside on the porch. She stayed awhile and then decided to move on. Cats really do what they want and make no exceptions.

Otherwise I at last had some success with this spider that had been hanging around since yesterday outside on the porch. I had been trying for a photo, but it was difficult for me to get the camera to focus. Yesterday my photos were blurred but today I had another try and managed to focus. This is a photo made with my telephone camera which brought the best result. My Nikon camera was too busy focussing everything else. I am no expert with cameras and it is often more luck then judgement with my photos. We call this type of spider in German *Kreuzspinne” as it really has a cross (kreuz) on its body. It is just a normal garden spider and us really only harmful to anything that might fly into the web. She is hovering over my table on the porch so I will leave her to do her spidery thing. I have some flies at the moment, so she will not go hungry.

Otherwise this bee arrived in the garden yesterday afternoon. I found it something completely different to the others. It was much bigger and had a nice yellow striped pullover. My butterfly bush really atracts the bees.

Today I will be at home as I have no need for anything. Tomorrow will be a day for discovery the shopping opportunities in the nearby town of Solothurn which is just 20 minutes down the road by my scooter with its maximum of 11 kilometers an hour.

I am now off for my daily chores including a bread baking session. I hope you all have a good week and overcome any problems that might crop up. Sometimes life plays some unwanted unexpected tricks for us to overcome. Even the clouds cannot decide what to do.