RDP Wednesday: Paperclip

Geroge was colourblind meaning his pile of papers in the office were boring. Everyone else was organising the important documents with the red paper clips, the not so important with the yellow (actually amber) paper clips and the unimportant with the green paper clips. George could not apply this system, but he discovered it made no difference, he always found what he needed. And the main advantage was he used no plastic to define the colours.

George won the prize in the office for the most environment frielndly worker – a bag of steel paper clips with his name engraved on each one. Who needs colours, when you can read..

RDP Wednesday: Paperclip

Good Morning

A morning full of clouds and I am sure today will be another good sunny day, above all with no rain. We have had enough rain in the last month and I am glad when we are having normal Summer days, a little late in August, but they have arrived.

I was outside yesterday evening, later than usual, but I had visitors to fetch the goods that I no longer need. Everything went well and I am now less a folding bed and the chairs. I now at last have more space in my basement hobby room and when the electro goods have gone I can begin to organise and remove the remaining items I no longer need. I noticed that being outside a little later in the evening has its advantages. Insect life appears, as this slug which was sliming along the path, and I even saw some sparrows.

I actually saw a tortoiseshell butterfly yesterday on my buddleia, but she flew away immediately and I only had my telephone camera for a quick shot.

This morning I also saw this snail sitting on a garden wall,

I was in town yesterday afternoon and noticed that the street musicians are appearing again. This guy was really good with his flute. It was a beautiful afternoon with some wonderful cloud formations.

This is a view of our old fortifications as you enter town, but the clouds were really perfect.

They were removing the scaffolding that was on our store in town at last. It has been there for almost a year and was once a hotel, but has now been converted into apartments. The problem was it was impossible for me to park my scooter outside due to the trucks parked to load up the scaffolding so I did not bother. I could visit the other store (for Mr. Swiss cigarettes) and otherwise decided to go on home as I had no urgent groceries to purchase.

It was a good day for some photos. This is the path leading to the top of our fortifications. Eventually I made my way home. Today I have no great plans, just the normal cleaning and cooking, which suits me. I hope your day is a good one. When our local Jura mountains look like this, it is always a good day for me.