Good Morning

The weather changed during the night. At first I heard the gentle patter of rain, then it got stronger and with a crash it announced that a thunder storm was on its way. It was a little hot yesterday, so now it has cooled down. We are now left with cloudy skies, but no problem. I managed to have my problems all on my own yesterday.

I slipped on a wet patch in the kitchen whilst cooking. Tried to save myself by klinging onto the cooker. Unfortunately I was cooking pasta in boiling water, managed to tip the pan, the water splashed onto my arm and at the same time I grabbed the cooking range which was also hot. The result was me on the floor, stranded and not being able to stand on my own power due to my MS and collecting a couple of burns on the way. I called the ambulance. I was feeling too shocked to noticed what the results of my antics were. I just needed someone to lift me back on my legs – it was not the first time it has happened to me. A guy and a lady arrived with the ambulance, got me back onto my feet and decided to take me to the hospital for further examination of the burns I had as they could treat me better. I left Mr. Swiss alone at home. No. 1 son was also away for the day on a visit to Zürich.

I was privileged to be taken to the new hospital building. The old one is now empty and will be rebuilt. It was certainly very modern and quite impressive, although I was more occupied in seeing the doctor who gave me yet another body check, but found apart from the burns there was no other damage done. A day later I have a blister on my hand which I will leave until it disappears on its own. It would not be good to open it. My arm is still swathed in a bandage. I had a first degree burn on the hand and second degree on the inside of the lower arm. My instructions from the hospital were to come again on Monday for a check-up, but I told them that is not so easy for me as I do not have a car. I will now go and see my doctor next week for a check which will be OK. When they were finished with me at the hospital – I was there for about an hour – they called me a taxi.

Whilst waiting for the taxi I had a look at the new building. In the centre of the new building there is a sort of internal court lined with the windows from the square of the building.

The outside of the building is also very elaborate. I am probably one of the only emergency cases that takes photos when paying a visit to the hospital. Thank goodness I had my wits about me when they took me to the hospital, checking that I had my mobile phone, the key to the apartment and money. I no longer have a lot of cash due to everything being online, but Mr. Swiss always has a supply.

And I hope that is all my excitement for this week.

I even managed some photos yesterday in the garden, having the visit of a butterfly.

And the neighbour’s cat also arrived for a few supplementary treats.

I am now off to take it easy and hoping for a day without stress, although there is never very much happening on Sunday. I now have to find a solution for taking a shower with the arm in a bandage, but it will probably work with cling plastic film wrapped around it to stop it getting wet: been there and done it before when I broke my arm some years ago.

Hoping your day will go better than mind did yesterday.