Good Morning

A lovely cloudy sky this morning and nice clean fresh air. I am a lot later this morning as I had a problem to deal with at home which took time. I just popped in to let you all know that I am here and no further falls or accidents.

I managed a quirky photo of a bee yesterday. He seemed to be doing some acrobatics on a leaf.

I also spotted this snail taking a slime in the garden. He even had the decency to wear his Sunday best shell.

I called the doc this morning and have made an appointment for new dressings on my arms for tomorrow where I burnt them in an accident over the week-end. It is now feeling better although I will be glad when the bandages are gone. I wonder if I will have some interesting scars afterwards. When you become a golden oldie these little things become the perks in life.

Otherwise I must now leave you as I have a few things to deal with. Keep safe and well and may it be a good week.