Good Morning

The sun has risen and according to the Swiss radio it will stay most of the day, although temperatures around 22°C which is warm but not exactly Summer. Yesterday, on our national day of fireworks the sun did eventually appear for an hour before the evening to allow it to happen. I heard the fireworks more or less until midnight so it seems the Swiss managed to achieve something.

I was amazed when the yesterday afternoon sky. In between grey clouds and rain, really began to look better.

I have already had a busy morning. As son No. 1 is on holiday at home I can make lunch for midday instead of half an hour later. Basically what does it matter, but I prefer to get my midday sleep half an our earlier and have more time in the afternoon for this and that. This morning my first work was to make a bread dough. It only really needs about 10 minutes and afterwards I quickly wash the machine and put it away and then I am ready to go. As I opened my kitchen cupboard I noticed there was a bad smell. I have everything packed in sealed special plastic boxes so it was a mystery. I only have the onions and garlic and potatoes that are open. Then I realised what it was. There was a plastic bag of potatoes that I had not yet unpacked from the store as I wanted to use the remaining few from the last delivery first of all. Then the smell became familiar, one of the worst I know. It was the smell of a potato deciding to go soft and brown. I emptied the bag and there it was: just one smaller potato, but that was all it needed. I have now disposed of the offending potato, and now my cupboard smells normal again (meaning no smell). Potatoes are one of the worst veg that can be offending. It only really might happen in summer, but even then not often.

Anyhow my bread dough is rising and I have more time during the morning for cooking. I have potatoes to peel and cook in my air fryer and that takes time, although Mr. Swiss helps me out with the peeling.

I had one of my feline visitors. They seem to be permanently hungry and naturally I have to feed them with something, otherwise they would be so disappointed.

I had facetime contact with son No. 2 yesterday so I could see how my grandchildren are developing. They are now both at the age where you need four pairs of eyes and four hands and legs to keep them under control, but he seems to have the routine. He is now off for a holiday with the family on one of the Swiss lakes for a week and will be visiting with the family when he returns. Luckily they also did not have any problems with the flooding in his part of Switzerland. It seems that the rainfalls were a record amount in the month of July since measurements began.

My garden seems to have benefitted from the rain and the slugs and snails are happy about the situation.

Today I will be at home. Monday is not such a good day for visiting town or the stores. There is never very much happening and the week’s special offers only begin on Tuesday. We golden oldies have nothing better to do with our spare time. I have another project. Since more than a year I no longer have my own cats, but still have two transport cages I used for vet visits. I will make a photo today and put them on Facebook market place to see if anyone would have interest in them. They are in a very good condition. I have a few other items as well, but have never done it before and decided to start with the cages.

Otherwise have a good week everyone, stay safe and may the hairy peas floating in the air stay away from you all.

I noticed the ivy has begun to spread on one of my garden borders amonst the sedum.