Good Morning

A cloudy sky this morning, but they will also float away and leave us with a sunny day. Yesterday amongst the sun, we even had a very short shower of rain – enough to make everything wet, but it soon departed to leave us with the sunny weather. I expected a rainbow, but nothing happened. Slowly the heat wave is getting a little too much for me and I will be glad when it cools down again.

Mr. Slug was on his way again sliming home to wherever home might be, probably somewhere in the murky depths of the garden.

I had another visitor yesterday who decided to crawl up the wall. Could this be the dreaded Colorado beetle, not something we often see here thank goodness. No-one here plants vegetables. Some of the farmers may have some potatoes in their fields, but let us hope that this was a loner and there is not a tribe waiting to pounce.

The bees were everywhere again gathering their goodies amongst the flowers.

Otherwise today I might not be around so much. No. 2 son and his tribe will be visiting and I will be occupied with two grandchildren. I see them mainly on face time or messenger but son No, 2 always visits at least once a month. Life had become a little different since the pandemic of covid for him as well. He now mainly works in his home office, but now and again visits his office. A lot has changed in this world in the last two years.

And now I must move on with preparing dinner for 5 adults and two children and organising the day. Have a good Sunday everyone and make the most of it.