Good Morning

There was a little of everything in the sky this morning, but I thought I will show something a little cheerful and sunny. Our bright Summer weather continues, but for how long I do not know. Perhaps we might get a so-called Indian Summer with bright skies and warmth into September.

Otherwise I now have building noises in the background the the mound is getting bigger. I have seen it all before. First of all there will be a large hole and then the basement section of the building will be made which will later become the cellar and laundry rooms. At least we have a little excitement in our normally quiet village where the foxes and hedgehogs say good night to each other.

It seems to be the time of the year when the insects decide to show themselves. I spotted this large moth yesteday in the early evening. That seems to be the time when they appear.

Butterflies were quite numerous outside yesterday, although they tend to fly away when I am ready with the camera, but I managed to get a few shots. It is always the same type, the tortoiseshell, that sits in my buddleia bush.

I even managed to spot a rose chafer in the buddleia yesterday. They have such wonderful bright and shiny shells.

And since yesterday this snail has been clinging to the wall outside. They seem to be getting larger.

Otherwise not a lot happening at the moment. Mr. Swiss had one of those painful visits to the dentist yesterday although he is recovering and the stitches no longer hurt so much. There will be another 1-2 visits to the dentist and then we hope all will be OK. I am off to the doc today to have my poor burnt arm and hand treated, although I am managing with it. It can only get better. I also have a problem with my diabetes. I made a few measurements on my levels yesterday and it is not looking good with a value of 14 in the morning although I managed to reduce it to 7 this morning. I have begun a stricter regime of what I eat to bring it back under control. I think the days of insulin injections are now not far away. I am not alone with the problem, even Tom Hanks is Type 2 diabetic.

I am expecting a grocery delivery this morning, so should get a move on with the shower and a bit of housework. We will soon be at the week-end again, so make the most of it, I had a visit from Joo Joo as she is now known, one of my adopted cats, although she only comes for a few feline tit bits.